Malik Riaz’s intra-court plea objected


Supreme Court (SC) of Pakistan on Monday discharged the intra-court appeal filed by real estate tycoon Malik Riaz in contempt of court case over an objection.
According to the SC’s Registrar, the court rejected the appeal because a copy of the court’s ruling on Friday was not attached with the appeal.
Malik Riaz has been asked to re-submit his appeal along with the apex court’s ruling.
Earlier, Advocate on Record Raja Abdul Ghafoor submitted to the court the intra-court appeal against the court’s decision to frame charge against Riaz in court of contempt case.
It is pertinent to note here that the appeal was filed under new Contempt of Court law 2012.


  1. Prime example of Babugiri. This is the kind of nonsense that even drives away foreign investors. The registrar, I am sure must have had a copy in his table drawer. God help us!

  2. Cobrajock…every institution has a system & it has to be followed.We in Pakistan & people like you, patronise corruption in govt depts where similar demand is made & people like you give them money to attache any demanded doc bcz you forgot……& that is how corruption has crept in our society….hence, instead of appreciating the system, you hv become a judge, jury & executioner.The lawyers & advocates are very well aware of the docs which shud be attached while submission & if they did not do so, it was the responsibility of SC registrar to point it out, not provide them his copy, where there is a legal issue is involved.Every party must be careful in submitting complete docs, delay on this account is not on judiciary….this was a delaying tactics played by Mr Riaz`s lawyers who are of very high class standard…..

  3. Malik Riaz is Just wasting his time. I can tell him the verdict of this appeal.It will be rejected by CJ. After all how Malik Riaz dare to point finger on the chastity and nobility of only Angel living on the earth. MR will have to pay for it heavily. I mean lot heavier then he has already paid to Arslan Iftikhar. You know higher you go in ranks the rates also go up along with.

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