Father buries daughter over ugly face


A man who buried his daughter alive when doctors refused to administer poison to the new-born infant was arrested by police, according to a private TV channel.
Chand Khan buried his daughter alive over ‘ugly face in Katcha Khowa, Khanewal, according to the channel.
Police have registered a case against the accused.


  1. we as a nation are responsible in this crime..no security..no food. no self esteem..no family honour ..top factor is government has no proper system for disable people…you and me also think in the line this criminal has adopted..

  2. That's because when the girl grows up, the extremely ridiculous standards of Pakistani society over 'beauty', 'complexion', 'weight' would have caused him the inconvenience of getting his daughter married. Not to mention… how would he handle all the gossip about his 'ugly' daughter among the aunties of the neighborhood. What about all the uncles possibly accusing his wife and assuming she had the 'ugly' daughter because she was with another man? (Sarcasm intended). You cannot blame the government for this. Our society is to be blamed. The amount of ignorance and free time, as well as big mouths we have leads to this kind of behavior. What he did is not justified, but alot of us have been pushed over the edge by scheming, gossiping, and ignorant people around us.

  3. If every father killed their ugly daughter at birth, PPP would not have any female leaders. Maybe Hina Khar but thats about it.

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