Eight drown in Indus as lift rope breaks


At least eight persons drowned in River Sindh when steel rope of the lift installed to cross the river broke down due to overloading.
According to details, local people of Gesbala of district Diamer, Gilgit-Baltistan on self help basis had established a lift to cross the river to minimize the distance as the suspension bridge was swept away by the flood in August 2010.
On Sunday the steel rope of the lift broke down due overweight and eight persons crossing the river fell down and were swept away by the gushing water.
Rescue teams and local people reached the scene and started search for the missing persons but no body was recovered.
Five among the deceased belonged to same family and all the missing persons hailed from Gesbala locality of district Diamer.
The deceased were identified as Rasheed s/o Mehboob Khan, Rabnawaz s/o Bahadar Khan, Baidol Khan s/o Abdul Rehman, Basharatullah s/o Baidol Khan, Khalid Iqbal s/o Shah Raees Khan, Attaullah s/o Muhammad Wali, Farhatullah s/o Rehmat Ali, Inayatullah s/o Rehmat and a son of Subhan Shah.
Authorities suspended three officials of PWD for negligence.