East zone join hands with LRCA


The East Zone cricket Association on Saturday announced its support to the sitting President of Lahore Region Cricket Association, Khawaja Nadeem Ahmad here. A 32-member delegation of East Zone met the LRCA Chief and reached an agreement with by announcing their all out support for a collective cause of revival of cricket.
Shahraiz Rokhri, son of late President of LCCA, Aamir Hayat Rokhri led the delegation whose other notable members were Najaf Hameed, Adil Abdullah Rokhri, Shahnawaz Malik, Nasir Khalili, Malik Aslam. Also present on the occasion were Sheikh Sarwar, Ayaz Khan,Wasif Zaman,Mehboo Alam , Imran Bucha, Vice President, LRCA. “We are delighted that East Zone has joined us after realizing our efforts for the cause of cricket at grass root level in Lahore and we will take them into confidence before reaching important decisions pertaining to the development of cricket in Lahore region,” said Khawaja Nadeem after the meeting. In the meeting both the parties reached an agreement to contribute maximum efforts on the promotion of cricket. “The East Zone officials showed very positive attitude and we are glad that they have joined us for supplementing our efforts for speeding up efforts for the cause of cricket in Lahore which was once known as hub of cricket activities,” he asserted. LRCA Chief said he is endeavouring to assemble all the Zones at a platform for the betterment of cricket and with the joining of East Zone LRCA has gained further strength to serve the cricket at early level in a better way. Shahraiz described the signing of agreement with LRCA a step forward to work together for the uplift of cricket in Lahore. “Kh Nadeem has taken lead for reviving Lahore’s cricket by taking drastic measures in past two years and we have joined him to supplement his efforts and to create better understanding and liaison,” he said. He said they will be extending cooperation to LRCA Chief and they will be generating maximum activities at club level in their zone to revive cricket in Lahore. “We have dumped cricket politics in the larger interest of the game and we will be having a new beginning with LRCA under the dynamic leadership of Kh Nadeem,” he added.