A tale of two leaders


Can someone tell me the tale of these two leaders? Asif Ali Zardari and Altaf Husain. Asif Zardari has no formal education or back ground of leadership. He has spent a good portion of his life in jail. He has been a minister in BB cabinet with unimportant portfolio for some time. He is known to be fond of horses and playing cards. So he does not have background which world famous leaders normally have like Jinnah, Gandhi, Mao or deGaulle.
So many, in fact all, follow him blindly. Some of the world-best professionals like Aitzaz even dare not stop him from his preposterous moves in cutting and amending constitution (the latest amendments have tarnished Constitution of ’73 into a piece of paradoxical twists). Females like Mehreen and men like old-timer politicians consider him more than the others in politics. His words are not only professed but literally worshipped. What is his charisma?
Same goes for Altaf Husain. He lives in London, has British nationality, seems out of senses in his public addresses, sings songs, has a hoarse voice, and has criminal record in heinous crimes like rape and killing. What makes him do that? No one in MQM can talk more than a sentence without complimenting Altaf Bhai. He has become Quaid-e-Tehreek. I am sure after his death his title will be Quaid-e-Mohtram. What makes this happen? I fail to understand the story of these two leaders.