Go get the missing persons, SC tells general


The Supreme Court of Pakistan on Friday gave the Frontier Corps Balochistan inspector general to produce the missing persons in the force’s custody within 10 days, saying there was clear evidence of the force’s involvement in abduction of several missing persons across the province. The order was passed by the three-member SC bench of Chief Justice Iftikhar Muhammad Chaudhry, Justice Jawad S Khawaja and Justice Khilji Arif Hussain that was hearing the missing persons and law and order cases at the SC’s Quetta Registry. Addressing FC IG Major General Obaidullah Khattak, the chief justice ordered him to produce persons his force had picked up in eight different cases on the next hearing on July 24. “It is his (IG FC) duty to comply with court orders and ensure the recovery of missing persons and produce them in court,” the CJ said.

The court rejected a statement by Khattak that no missing person was in the custody of his force, saying “The statement is unacceptable for the court in the wake of evidences against FC regarding missing persons.” Justice Khawaja argued with the IG, saying that contrary to the FIR report that the FC had lodged into an encounter with two miscreants, medical reports had clearly mentioned that both men were shot at close range.
He said, “Such things cannot be ignored, as if there are some rogue elements in the force, they should be exposed.” The chief justice said, “The FC comes in aid of civil administration for restoration of law and order, but if its personnel cross the limits violating law and constitution, the onus is on you (IG)”.
The chief justice questioned the IG, “Do you want your officers to appear in court and face trial in the missing persons’ cases?”
Khattak assured the court that the sample it [court] had drawn in a few missing persons’ cases was a starting point and he would fully cooperate.
The chief justice warned Khattak, “Do not take us to the point of no return, when the law takes its due course, confrontation may start between institutions.”
“The court has so far been demonstrating restraint over human rights violations in Balochistan and avoiding passing an order that may create complications for the institutions,” he remarked.
The CJ said the court “will not spare those who crimes, they will have to be produced in court”.
Justice Khilji said, “The court holds due regard for the forces as their personnel have been making sacrifices, but the violation of constitution and law is unacceptable.”


  1. About time to set matters straight and clip the wings of FCC and its obstructionist General.

  2. The only thing I find disappointing is that the SC doesnt take tough measures. Send these people to hell, straight. Do not pass go, do not collect 200! Hang them for they have hanged so many people in Balochistan & KP.

  3. The IGFC has categorically stated before the Court that these persons are not with the FC; now if his Lordship wants him to produce them; his lordship should also authorize the operation required to be launched to recover them from whichever Ferari Camp thay may be in.

  4. Kill all the terrorist in drone strikes and wipe out the ferrri camps. This man in only interested in politics, let him make a political party or get a noora league ticket for himself and his son.

  5. At the rate the Judges are operating They will soon become missing persons not too long from now

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