Can’t even hold an exam?


The PPSC has invited a barrage of censure for its ineptitude in conducting tests for various jobs. Both for incompetence and absence of transparency, this institution has earned significant mistrust and abhorrence. It still hadn’t shaken off the effects of the allegations of mismanagement and embezzlement in conducting the test for Assistant Director Land Record that the PPSC has yet again made headlines due to the inept execution of the exam of the Provincial Management Services (PMS).
The PMS 2011 would be remembered for number of unfortunate things. Having finally seen the day of the light after being delayed of more then a year due to the dilly-dallying of the PPSC, the exam has been conducted in the month of July when mercury shoots up and the atmosphere is in no way is conducive to the conduct of such an exam of high profile. Besides this, a significant number of aspirants have been denied the opportunity of taking this celebrated exam as they had their LLB and other university exams which take place in this month annually. The centres for the exam have been made in only three cities and the aspirants had to travel to these cities and had to bear the expenditure of residence for almost ten days. In addition to the shabby condition of the centres with few electric fans, frequent electricity outages and lack of the facility of drinking water exacerbated the situation and added to the agony of the aspirants.
This wasn’t the end of it. There was more to this saga of inefficiency. The postponement of the paper of Punjabi due to mismanagement of PPSC has raised the curtain from the incompetence of the PPSC.
These flaws have raised serious questions regarding the working capacity of the PPSC. By disappointing the aspirants, this mismanagement has played havoc with the trust of the aspirants in the institution. This grave situation calls for an immediate and effective overhauling of the working machinery of the PPSC which may ensure efficiency and transparency.


  1. brothters galti to ho he jati hai………but i hundred 100 u assure that there is no corruption in pppsc

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