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Taliban assault under Mullah Faqir’s command

The reports are conflicting, with both sides making claims to have eliminated about 10 of the opposite number. What stands confirmed is: a ferocious early cross-border incursion and assault from Afghanistan by the Taliban under Mullah Faqir Mohammad’s command. The locals confirm that the Taliban insurgents are still in occupation of Kilkoot, in Bajaur Agency’s tehsil Mamoond.
Till the time of filing of this report, the fighting was raging on with Pakistani helicopter gunships seen in action in support of the ground forces.
The official claim: 10 militants killed, several injured, attack repulsed. The Taliban militants – said to be holding sway in the battle zone – on the other hand contradict such reports, claiming to have inflicted several casualties on the security forces.
People living there confirm militants’ control of the area. Maulvi Faqir Mohammad, the militant commander camping across the border in Afghanistan, in conversation on satellite telephone, accepted responsibility for the early morning attack. “Kilkoot and its surrounding areas are in our occupation,” said he.
According to reports, more than 150 militants from across the border in Afghanistan intruded into Kilkoot area of tehsil Mamoond in Bajaur Agency in the wee hours Thursday. The militants disarmed the security forces personnel on a number of check posts as well as volunteers of the traditional peace lashkars.
The security officials acknowledge the militants attack, but claim that the forces retaliation and repulsed the foray – with 10 militants killed and six other grievously injured. The official also confirmed injuries to two security personnel and two passersby.
The local tribesmen maintain that a number of people, including security forces personnel, were killed and injured in the clashes. “The dead bodies are still scattered around while the area remains in militants’ occupation,” when a tribal elder from the area remarked. The militants now were sheltering in mosques, hujras and houses abandoned by local people.
About the retaliatory action of security forces, the tribesmen said that it is continuing with gunship helicopters. A number of gunship helicopters are hovering in the air and have been seen flying towards the border region of Bajaur Agency.

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  1. dar said:

    I suppose the US/NATO/Kabul forces just let the Taliban launch the assault to teach us, yet again, a horrible lesson.

    Afghanistan should be sealed off and jettisoned into space, lock ,stock and barrel. The place has from Pakistan's birth (even before Pakistan's conception) has been a bad neighbour and treacherous partner to us.

    I hope our Army wipes the fcukers (the Taliban) out.

  2. truth bites said:

    So Taliban from safe havens in Afghanistan are now attacking Pakistan! and US has already cleansed Afghanistan of any Taliban!
    I think Pakistan army should cross into Afghanistan and cleanse them very well, unless its a trap to lure Pak into Afghanistan!

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