6 kidnapped miners, doctor found dead in Quetta


Quetta police on Thursday found bodies of six miners and a doctor who were kidnapped on July 6 from the Dagar and Marwar areas close to the provincial metropolis, officials said. Police said unidentified men had kidnapped six laborers who worked at a local copper mine and a doctor. The police received information early on Thursday about the presence of seven bodies in an abandoned area.
A police team rushed to the spot and moved the bodies to a hospital.
“The victims were identified as Ahmed Ullah, Kashmir Khan, Khan Mohammad, Mohammad Nawaz, Abdul Ahmed, Mohammad Akbar and Dr Ishaq,” police said, adding that all mine workers belonged to Swat. Balochistan has been embroiled in a low-level insurgency by nationalists who demand more provincial autonomy, while others demand absolute freedom.
Baloch militants frequently kill Punjabi and Pashtun settlers in Baloch populated areas of the province. Meanwhile, TV channels reported that eight more miners had been abducted from the Marwar area by unidentified men.


  1. Iftikhar choudry is directly responsible for this and an FIR should be registered against him just as have been registered against Musharraf

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