Going solar


The Race Course Park in Lahore has had solar panels installed in it for long. It is great to see that the park is doing its bit to conserve energy. Why can’t this installation of solar panels be done on just the main roads of Lahore (like the Canal Bank road, the Sherpao bridge road, Shami road, Jail road, Main Boulevard etc), if not all the lights? This action will save a lot of electricity in the long run. A sunny country like Pakistan should make full use of this abundant and free resource. We should start small by installing solar panels and wind panels where we can. Then, maybe one day, we can have solar panels along the Motorway and most places in Pakistan.


  1. Solar energy should be provided at all thorough fares besides parks in all towns of the city. This will I agree save a lot of electricity produced from other sources as well as keep safe the dark Duns from safe heavens of unlawful wagabonds

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