Bodies of two decapitated Shias found in Quetta


Bodies of two decapitated shias, including that of a prayer leader of an Imambargah, were found in the outskirts of Quetta on Wednesday. The banned Lashkar-e-Jhangvi claimed the responsibility for the killings. Police said the two were slaughtered and their bodies were thrown in the mountains in the area of Mian Gundi, some 20 kilometres from Quetta. Police recovered the bodies from the mountains and took them to Bolan Medical complex for autopsy. “They were slaughtered with a very sharp weapon,” police official Wazir Khan Nisaar quoted doctors as saying, adding that both victims were 28- to 30-year-old. There identity of the victims was confirmed through little chits found lying near their bodies. One was identified as leader of Satellite Town Imambargah Mulana Noor Ali Noor and the other was identified as Syed Haseeb Abass Zaidi, resident of Sirki Road. The LJ claimed the responsibility for the killings through the same chits, saying they were target killers of Lashkar-e-Mehddi. Police said Zaidi was abducted from Satellite Town three weeks ago while Noor was picked up a couple of days ago from the same area. Talking to reporters, Zaidi’s family members said he was kidnapped from Satellite Town 19 days ago. They said the abductors had demanded Rs 1.9 million as ransom but the family could only pay Rs 1.5 million.