Transport fares revised; commuters not happy


The Punjab Transport Authority (PTA) has decreased by Re1 to Rs2 in fare of public transport plying on various routes despite reasonable cut in the prices of petroleum products and CNG.
The secretary Punjab Transport Authority (PTA) has issued notification that gives Re1 reduction on stop to stop ride while Rs2 for the long distance ride. The concerned authority has ordered implementation of the notification with immediate effect.
The federal government for the first time in four and a half years, decreased prices of diesel and petrol by Rs17 to 19 per litre and around Rs10 for the CNG in a month but the commuters got no relief.
According to the notification, the transporters who operate their vehicles on diesel would charge fares according to diesel list and those on the CNG would charge according to the CNG list.
The commuters talking to INP deplored the Punjab Transport Authority (PTA) and said that no relief was given to poor masses particularly commuters but to transporters.
They urged Punjab Chief Minister Shahbaz Sharif to take notice of the matter to provide relief to the public.
Muhammad Noman, a resident of 22 No Chongi, working as private organization employee, said that he has to spent half of his salary to pay public transport fare and recent cut in fare was equal to none.
Arsalan Khan, a student said that the recent increase in fares has affected his pocket money, adding that the recent decrease in public transport fare is actually an increase.
The federal government had decreased the rates of petrol, diesel and CNG twice during a month but the concerned authority did not provide any relief to the public, he added.
Meanwhile, Islamabad Transport Authority has reduced the public transport fares on various routes and issued the notification of revised fares.