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PTI launches membership drive in city

The Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) on Saturday launched a membership drive in Karachi, in order to register newcomers.
Addressing a press conference in Karachi, ISF Sindh president, Alamgir Khan said that youth is the main force behind Imran Khan’s tsunami that’s why the chairman has given membership drive to ISF and dissolved all party across Pakistan, except ISF.
“In this drive male and female volunteers of ISF will make members across Karachi via mobile membership drive,” Alamgir Khan said.
Alamgir Khan further added that ISF has done tremendous work in other cities of the country by making hundreds of thousands of members who will later choose their own party leaders in the coming intra-party elections and will set an example of having true democracy in any party. He also reconfirmed that membership drive deadline for Sindh province has been extended to 31st July.
ISF Karachi ex-president Arsalan Ghumman, ISF Karachi organizer Fazal Malik, deputy organizer Zain Pervez and ex- general secretary Umair Ahmed were also present at the occasion.
Fazal Malik said that the membership drive will continue for 20 days without any break in all towns of Karachi city.

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  1. xoya said:

    Sorry Imran Khan you have lost our votes .
    you will only get votes from the youth of MADRASSAS
    so dont waste your time by going to areas to areas just go directly to all Madrassas .

  2. A veiwer said:

    IK sure got the "Green Light" from Cameron Munter.

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