Main conditions for $16 billion in Afghanistan aid


The international donor community has attached a series of conditions to the $16 billion in aid for Afghanistan that was announced at a conference in Tokyo on Sunday.
Here is a breakdown of the main points related to democracy, human rights, and governance outlined in the agreement adopted in Tokyo:
Representative democracy and fair elections:
— Afghanistan must hold credible and transparent elections in 2014 and 2015, with a timetable of dates for polls to be published early next year.
Governance, rule of law and human rights:
— Afghanistan must improve citizens’ access to justice, especially for women, respect human rights and allow the country’s Independent Human Rights Commission to do its work.
— The country must strengthen its fight against corruption with measures such as requiring senior officials to make public their income annually.
Fiscal transparency and banking:
— Afghanistan must improve the management of public funds and ensure transparency while boosting supervision of its banking sector.
— It must adopt international recommendations on ways to fight money laundering and terrorist financing.
National revenues and local government budgets:
— Afghanistan must improve its tax collection, raising the ratio of tax revenue as a portion of gross domestic product to 15 percent by 2016 and 19 percent by 2025, from 11 percent now.
Growth and sustainable development:
— Afghanistan must promote private-sector development and allocate sufficient resources to promote health, gender equality, education and food security.


  1. Wasn't it too long ago that there was a donor conference for Pakistan also and nobody came? The ones that did come were only there for sight seeing and they wouldn't even commit to a few million dollars. They cited ppp govt's incompetence and corruption as the reason for not donating. Lets analyze this. Afghanistan raises 16 billion, Pakistan raises 5 million. Does that tell us where we stand in the world community? Does it not also tell us what the world thinks of Pakistan's ppp led govt? Just something to think about.

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