20 houses damaged in Ghizer flood


More than 20 houses were completely damaged while fields and orchards spread over hundreds of kanals of land in Ghizer were damaged in the flood which came after a thunderstorm struck Sosot Nullah of Tehsil Gopis.
The bridge connecting Gilgit district to Chitral was also washed away in the flood. When the flood of Sosot Nullah entered the Ghizer River, it stopped the river water flow for about an hour due to which the river water overflowed to the surrounding areas which presented a look of a lake. The residents of the area saved their lives by running towards the mountains, but several houses and standing crops were damaged.
People of the area near the nullah and river shifted to safer areas. No one came to the rescue of the poor villagers which has a gloomy situation in the area.
Hundreds of people on their way to attend the Shandoor Festival had to go back in despair due to closure of the road.
On the other hand, the upper areas of Tehsil Yasin were also affected due to flood and people started moving towards the safer places.