ITP police imparted training on HR violations


A one-day session on human and child rights was organized by Plan International for the training of 500 ITP police as part of their training and capacity building for democracy and human rights. The aim of the event was to ensure that police realizes the importance of human and child rights and gains the trust of the citizens by being sensitive to the issues of rights’ violations faced by them. The session was held in the ITP headquarters and police lines headquarters, in collaboration with the Islamabad police. Master trainers delivered lectures on human and child rights and protection of the citizens’ rights. They also created awareness of the relevant issues through examples from real life. Another topic addressed during the session was gender sensitivity. The trainees showed keen interest in the training and actively participated in the interactive sessions. SSP Traffic Dr. Moeen Masood stressed the need to create awareness of the issue and threw light on the role of the police to build up a sense of protection amongst the citizens