GHQ awaits official order on NATO supplies


The federal government has sparked an intense guessing game across the country by declaring the reopening of its land routes for NATO supplies without issuing a formal notification.
Amid endless rumours, the media is reporting round-the-clock that the recent post-sorry patch up between Washington and Islamabad had kick-started the transportation of war supplies to NATO-led International Security Assistance Forces (ISAF) in Afghanistan.
However, none of the concerned quarters, be it officials at the country’s two seaports or the haulers or the intelligence agencies, are confirming the reports of supplies resumption.
Even the General Headquarters (GHQ), perceivably one of country’s most active and influential centres of power, claims to have received no order from the government.
“No, nothing has resumed. We have received no official order,” said a well-placed official at Port Qasim, country’s second largest seaport.
The official said the GHQ had also not received any instruction for the restoration of NATO supply.
Some containers reported to have been dispatched to Afghanistan from Port Qasim might belong to Shaheen Freight Service and Qasim Freight Service and not the PQA, the official said.
Fearful though, the transporters are awaiting a formal government order to start the transportation of over 2,843 containers, 8,658 boxes, 3,326 vehicles, 27 plat racks and other cargo lying in various yards of the country’s two seaports, Karachi Port and Port Qasim.
Of the total, some 1,558 containers are stranded at Pakistan International Container Terminal and Karachi International Container Terminal of Karachi Port, while 1,285 others are stuck at Qasim International Container Terminal of Port Qasim.


  1. Do I have to come down and straighten this mess out? You people are not capable of making a decision on your own. And if you do, its always the wrong one.

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