Chappar hotels sell out unhygienic food in unclean dishware


Chhappar hotels in the twin cities of Islamabad and Rawalpindi are posing a danger to the health of their customers by selling unhygienic food in dirty dishware.
Chhappar hotels can be seen every area at the capital, including Sector I-8, in front of Shifa International Hospital, Sector H-8, Zero Point, near Marriott Hotel, Faizabad, Sector I-9, Sector I-10, Sector G-7, Sector F-10, Sector G-11, Sector F-6, Sector G-10, Faizabad, Pirwadaye and Saddar.
Despite a difference in cost of food and service charges, the situation of cleanliness at all chhappar hotels is almost same. During a visit to the hotels, it was revealed that kitchens of the hotels were dirty and the water used at these hotels was not clean. The standard of the hotels is deteriorating as authorities are not holding them accountable, said Mohsin Ali, a customer. He said crockery used to serve food to customers at the hotels was scratched and unwashed and the water was unfiltered. He complained that utensils used to cook food were not washed properly.
Rizwan Khan, another customer, said while the quality of food at chhappar hotels was deteriorating, prices were increasing. Doctor Abdur Rehman of the Shifa International said that at chhappar hotels, healthy people had to take their food in dishware used by patients of communicable diseases. He said, “We appeal to the government to upgrade chappar hotels and educate their management about cleanliness.” Muhammad Faisal, a customer, said the hotels did not have any proper seating arrangements. Ajmal Habib said chappar hotels’ management used same dirty plates, cups and glasses again without washing them to save water and time.
CPO to hold open Kutchery today: On the special instructions of the Punjab chief minister, City Police Officer (CPO) Azhar Hameed Khokar will hold an open Kutchery at Wah Cantonment police station.
The CPO will listen to people’s complaints and will order the directives on the occasion to provide justice to the grieved people.