US drone kills 21 in North Waziristan


A US drone attack on a militant compound in North Waziristan killed 21 insurgents and injured several late on Friday, security officials said. The unmanned aircraft fired two missiles on the compound in Datta Khel village, some 35 kilometres east of Miranshah, they said.
“The US drone fired two missiles. At least 21 militants have been killed and several injured,” a senior security official based in Peshawar told AFP. Two security officials in Miranshah confirmed the strike.


  1. So much for the apology and respecting Pakistan's sovereignity. If this govt. wasn't so weak and i m p o t e n t , nobody would've dared making fun of Pakistan's sovereignity and intergity. They do this only because they know that they can!!!

  2. Pakistanis do not tire of boasting about their army being super-super-super army of the world. But for the army such 'keede makode' 21 civilians do not mean anything. 24 soldiers Salala 'shahids' are most valued lot because they got $2.4 Billion released by USA to Pakistan.

  3. The drones are helping the the Pakistan army with the work load that is why the army will not shoot down the drones. This is not weakness but a well calculated response.

  4. Don't you guys think that the presence of foreign militants in the tribal area is also breaching our sovereignty and reputation ????

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