100 detained over gambling in Malaysia


Malaysian police have detained 100 people in nationwide raids on international crime syndicates who bet millions of dollars on the Euro 2012 championship, reports said Thursday. Police conducted almost 150 raids across the country in May and June in collaboration with officials from China, Macau, Hong Kong and Singapore among other nations, crime investigation chief Bakri Zinin told local media. He said the suspects from five syndicates were involved in betting worth more than 49 million ringgit ($16 million) on European Football Championship matches and several computers and mobile phones were seized in the raids. Among those arrested were two Singaporeans and two Indonesians, the reports in the New Straits Times and The Star quoted Bakri as saying. He could not be reached for comment. Football is hugely popular in Malaysia, but sports betting is illegal and those found guilty can be jailed.


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