Pakistan to discharge its obligations for regional peace: Zardari


President Asif Ali Zardari has expressed Pakistan’s strong resolve for maintaining peace and harmony in the region, by discharging its due role.
Talking to various departing ambassadors of Turkmenistan, Oman, and Belgium, and CJCSC Gen Khalid Shamim Wayne, the president also expressed Pakistan’s keen desire to maintain effective interaction with Global community, and assured that Pakistan would never allow anyone to use its soil for any subversive purposes.
During his talks with CJCSC, matters relating to professional aspects of Armed Forces, operational readiness and other relevant issues were discussed.
Talking to departing ambassadors, the president expressed his deep hopes for better mutual relations, and enhancing existing ties in all sectors, with these countries.
President Zardari also expressed avid hopes that the 5-year strategic dialogue with EU would augur well for mutual relations between Pakistan and EU.


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