Atif Aslam, Asha Bhosle exchange hot words


Music maestro Asha Bhosle and Voice of Pakistan Atif Aslam had a heated argument on the set of the reality show ‘Sur Kshetra’ prompting the veteran singer to walk off stage.
The show, produced by Hit Producer Boney Kapoor is being filmed in neighbouring Dubai.
‘Sur Kshetra’ encompasses two teams from India and Pakistan led by Himesh Reshammiya and Atif Aslam respectively. The judges include Asha Bhosle, Abida Parveen and Runa Laila.
When Bhosle articulated her judgements regarding a contestant from Aslam’s team he was quick to oppose her opinions, igniting a war of words between the two symbolic personalities.
According to Indian sources, the legendary singer then decided to discontinue the show and returned back to Mumbai.
However, persistent efforts by Kapoor to make peace between the two patriotic stars eventually led to her return and the successful continuation of the show.


  1. horrible hoga tu atif is undoubtedly voice of pakistan.indians r jealous of him…

    • i strongly agree with ur words…Atif is our Prince! and undoubtely….voice of generation…voice of hearts and why not…voice of PAKISTAN!!!

    • chutiye wo Indian music industry main kam karte hai , not in pakistani industry(actually there is no such industry lol)

  2. Mursal nasir ne sahi kaha he atif pakistan ki avaz he aur indian seraf jealous he ke pakistan me talent mojud he.

  3. atif aslam ( the voice of heart )
    himesh reshammiya ( sing from nose )

  4. no doubt atif aslam is excellent singer but agar hum indian itna hi jalte h usse to pakistan wale apni movies main kyo nhi moka dete use …..but kuch bhi kaho atif is rock he doen't need to learn sur ……..

  5. Asha bhosle is like that in all of the reality shows she has been a part of . If one has seen episodes of sa re ga ma pa or recently Indian Idol , one can understand her judging pattern.

    And regarding the show , its conceived by Gajendra singh so there is bound to be Drama and the whole scenario might as well be scripted to attract TRP cause frankly the quality of the show sucks big time !!

    Ayesha takia doesn’t know the “A” of anchoring , The background music is horrible and tacky and the selection of the captains ?? i mean atif is a descent singer with an awsm charm and personality but not a very great singer (no offense ) and himesh is a just 3rd class , i mean he should be banned from all television
    appearances . His tacky dialogues make me wanna kill him brutally .
    And lastly the show is more on the lines of “AA DEKHEIN ZARA KISME KITNA HAI DUM” rather than singing and enjoying .

    So a flop show and a ridiculous concept .

  6. There is no absolutely no comparison between Asha and Atif. He is simply no match to the great legend. Legend do not become with one or two hit songs. Asha has track record of success spread over 60 years. We must remember that music is above territorial limits.

  7. i am from nepal and if i view from the point of neutrality then i think atif sir is quite more arrogant. Abhita ji is a legendary singer but her judgement is poor and she judges randomly. Asha ji is very specific in her judgement, she is good but oftenly she points out the weakness of the singer more than his strong parts. Overall evaluation from my side says that Atif's behaviour will not only make people to hate him but also will prove that pakistani's are very arrogant, with a jealousy feelings.

    • u r very wrong…actually wht Atif is showing the world is tht Pakistani's stand up for wht they believe in..wht they think is right…..if u dont standup today for wht u believe in then tomoroow ppl will walk all over your rights!!! he is doing very courageous and right thing! even if Asha is senior…her seniority certainly doesn't give her the open right to humiliate whosoever junio she wants!! ATIF……….We are proud of you! <3 keep rocking our worlds!

    • manoj baita asha g favouritism karte hein n atif is v humble woh apni team ko sahe protect karta hai bca himaish n asha donoun mil kr favouritism kartay hein
      atif ke jaga koi aur ya mein hote tu asha ko shutup kara daite

    • we will never hate atif but he iz saying the truth………she does favoritism n thatz all her fault………………..we r pakistani's n we r alwayz right…… doubt

  8. blddy hemish reshemmya who the hell is hemish he is a very bad singer he sings like a birth with his nose atif is the best in singing and in Morality soo much jitna bole utna kam hai …………………………………….atif is the best

  9. jo ande hai wo anke kol de kyunke hemish and asha is very bad persons they fill jelous from atif''s Morality

  10. miss sanam i dont know who r u but i know ur so much clever because ur right hemish and asha feel jelous from atif's morality

  11. Asha is irritating and thinks no one can criticize to her but she is biased judge

    Atif is need to control himself but he shoudnt bow down to wrong jury

    and he is awesome personality and voice

  12. Extremely best coz ovs Atif & asha bohsle’s voice ix no doubt da worst she can’t b named in da list ove singerx & surely f u want me 2 take da oath ove god so i can also make u sure dat she ix da worst ever & Aif undoubtedly da bst ever singer

  13. Asha g has got huge experience. atif is ok at his level and pplz choice. but i think hamesh is clever enough rather than his knowledge in singing style (composing from nose) to make spicy talking in asha g and carefull guys. hamesh is more politics in his indian pplz not only for atif and asha g in this program

  14. Aftab Kenneth Wilson and rohit aur jo bhi hain hindu ,,atif aslam is a big singer apnay himesh uncle ko dekho jin ko dance k ilawa kuch nhi ata hai,,ye un dono ka masla hai k woh kaisay solve krtay hain asha g and atif aslam ok ap log hero na bano…..

    • Fatama bibi, I am not Hindu but Christian from Pakistan and also music composer and a singer myself. I can only say that one has to be music conscious and listener of traditional and western music. Show respect to your seniors in this business which we lack but Indians always show respect no matter if they are better today than their seniors were in the past. I will once again say that Atif Aslam is not even a singer but his luck is working due to computer technology which hides all wayward notes of the singer. Tomorrow persons like you might start comparing Atif Aslam with Lata, Rafi, Mehdi Hassan and Ghulam Ali.

      • oye mr. aftaab wilson!! what the hell do u think of yourself???huh??? ur saying tht ur a singer and a music composer urself and tht Atif doesn't know singing and is a very poor singer……..oh really? tou khud ao na….show the world who u r!!!kabhi kisi ne aapka naam suna???no!never!!!pehle apne aap ko dekho..then criticize others…..Atif Aslam is the voice of hearts!!! Atif Aslam is the most popular singer in 21st centure…not just in the sub-continent…but the whole of the America ppl call him Atif Awesome instead of Atif Aslam…..u r nothing ….ur just jealous of him..u can never even dream of reaching 0.0000001% of his caliber……so stop being jealous….he is the best….agr ussay gana gana nahi ata and he is so bad at singing tou duniya uss ki deewani kiun hai????itne millions fans kiun hain uss kay???tumhare kiun nahi…agr tum itna acha gaate ho????so shutup u loser…..we hate you…and we love Atif Aslam…proud to be an AADEEZ! u rock Atif<3<3<3

        • I think you are in love with Atif Aslam like so many vagabond youngsters who only go after Poker Faced Singers and as such have nothing to do with music. You seem to be equally stupid listener as your favorite sings without knowing the basic of music. One needs lot of practice and also a Master to learn music. Atif is not pupil of any leading master so don't cry after him the way he cries and yells while singing. Hanging a guitar around ones shoulder does not make someone a leading singer. There is one Allah Ditta and Allah Rakah in our area who sing better than your hubby.

  15. oh really? then plzz bring ur Allah Ditta or Allah Rakha and let's see how much fan following they get……………………sorry …but i am not disrespecting you…actually u r…..disrespecting someone who the world admires!!! dont look at just me….go to fb…more than 4 million AADEEZ there will telll u who ATIF is…..ok..mana ke woh besura hai…he doesn't know the basic of surs…..then why the hell is the world crazy for him…..?? aaj kal ussi ke gaane kiun chalte hain???? aap ke….asha bhosle…Himesh reshammiya waghera ke kiun nai???? he is the most popular singer in the young generation!! he is such a great singer….aenwein kehne se koi nai banta …us ne kuch kia hai tab hi bana hai na!!! so many awards and achievements of his….woh iss ki kabiliat ka moon bolta saboot hain!!! He is our hero…our legend…not only me…but the world admires him…ATIF Aslam is the most bright and shining star on the sky of music… if u r soooo jealous of him..then dont respect one is forcing you to…but plz…dont DISRESPECT him etiher….cz he is Pakistan's pride!!

    • P.S. Atif Aslam is the youngest recipient of Tamgha-e-Imtiaz (Pakistani-4th highest Civilian Award) and is the winner of grammy award also…agr ussay music aur singing ka kuch na pta hota aur zero hota tou yeh sab na earn karta…he is born to break the records…..and talent needs no training in Atif's case!!! it's not compulsory to have a teacher to succeed……..!hope ur narrow-minded thoughts accept this! plz stop being sceptical…accept wht the truth is…that is…ATIF ASLAM ROCKS AND WE LOVE HIM<3<3<3 and u said tht m a stupid listener tht i listen to Atif…right??? so wht would u like to say about other millions of AADEEZ? u mean all the world is a stupid listener except you?huh? and plzz..i request u whole-heartedly…tht if Atif Aslam is such repulsive in singing then plz come one…reach his status…make ur caliber like his…and THEN say!……….sorry…but u can't do tht even in ur dream! so sit quiet!

    • OK dear, I concede to your likings the way you are showing his admiration. If many start loving the voice of a goat above a nightingale then God Bless you. Sorry If my strong words has hurt you.

      • oh no..not at all……actually i am sorry tht ppl like u exist in the world…who r so sceptical…who dont accept apparent facts and truth jst because they hate someone….and i wont argue with you..just tell me one thing…Atif Aslam has more than 4 million fans….you think all of them are stupid listeners…ppl in the world dont know abt music???thts wht u want to say now..just tell me why he has so many awards and achievements…why ppl go crazy for him???just tell me tht reason…..!!!!and as far as this asha atif fight is concerned…..asha is senior….but her seniority doesn't give her the open license to humiliate whosoever junior she wants!!!!she clearly cheats..if u ever watch surkshetra..she is extremely biased..and standing up for wht u think is right and for wht u blv and raising ur voice against favourtism is not DISRESPECT!!! Atif knows very goodly…who to respect and who to teach the lesson..kepp it up Atif<3 love you and Mr.wilson plz tell me wht i asked..thanks..

  16. Dear one, four million are peanuts. Asha has more than 400 million fans and supporters. Open your eyes and ears to hear and watch those pictures which can be back dated to 1950 in which she was next to Lata her sister. Both were disciple of Ustad Bade Ghulam Ali who was also Ustad of our legendary singer Madam Noor Jehan and all leading singers from our subcontinent . I believe you are not aware of historical background of singers from our part of the world ( Pakistan and India). Atif is only a bubble. Remember all youngsters now performing in this show are far much better singer than your Atif. These participants have in fact shocked all real music lovers because they are much much better and perfect than the jury themselves. While watching the sky at night times all see those bright and shinning stars falling but remember Old Is Gold but all that glitters is not Gold. Bye ….

    • ager woh purane hain tou is ka matlab yeh keh hm ab unhi pe poori umer bethe rahein??? the world is progressing..u would be a 50-60 yrs old man where as we are teenagers…we dont have any interest in the CLASSIC music…we hate it…ask any 21st GENERATION… generation person….wht they want!!!…this is Atif's era…Asha was a great singer in her past….but tht was the PAST GENERATION….we are the new ones…ok…here i will accept the fact tht according to Indian classic music..Atif stands no where….his surs and sangeed blah blah blah…the so called surs are not good at all according to indian classic……which i will say Indian rubbish…… one wants to hear tht…….and not even india wants asha any more….kisi aik gane ki offer bhi mili ussay ab…???nai!no one asks her for tht…bcz she used to sing awesomely….but USED TO…not now..she sounds like a cat screming now!!seriously….all the bollywoodmusic composers go for ATif now!!!
      and i dont understand ur psychie…why dont u accept the new talent now???well as u wish..but ATif is the best for us..WE want him..and thts all tht matters!

      • Nayyara dear you got me wrong. I myself appreciate 100% all young talent because they are future of that music which is cherished most in our part of the world. Unfortunately you can not rate Atif Aslam as their leader and the only best. My argument is only that please don't consider him as the best among the young talent. Kindly reread my previous comments. I would again say that all who are now participating in this talent hunt are far much better than all the judges now in the panel. Interestingly all participants are also well versed with the basics of both classical and modern music. If you consider Atif as the only singer who is The Best then allow me to mourn on your choice.

        • oh no not at all..i didn't say he is the only one who is leading in music…the younger ones like..ali zafar..sonu nigham..HR….imran khan..justin beiber all are going excellently…i just argued over the point tht u said Atif can't sing and doesn't know singing……but he is just GREAT at it…he's the first priority these days…ppl want him the most THESE DAYS!! thats all i said!

  17. We Pakistani's are bit emotional in nature and dont even know how to politically defeat our opponents. Like this is an Indian programme, coming on an Indian channel and they are using this programme to show the world that how Pakistanies are as a nation, they are trying to show that we are disrespectful towards jury, towards seniors we are quite insulting and arrogant people and I think they are quite successful in their approach

    Look at the behaviour of Indian Captan Hamesh he is playing a good political game he says WA WA WA to both Pakistani and Indian contestents and he always try to maintain good relationship with jury as well on the other hand Atif's behaviour is bit aggrasive I know Atif is young he is only 29 and he does not know how to politically deal with the situation but he has to learn this technique as this is the best way to get good results as every thing is going on air and the whole world is watching this show

    So best of luck to ATIF ASLAM I hope and I wish Pakistan should win both in music as well as in political front

    Pakistan Zinda Bad All Pakistani Nation Paindabad

  18. Right thing always right,because
    no comment on right things, judges give always right opinions, thats its……….

  19. Atif Aslam is no doubt the soul of Pakistan………he is jawan dilon ki dharkan……The Pride OF Pakistan.All Pakistanis are proud of him!!!

  20. No one can sing better than me. I m the great grand of grand legendary king of music. Asha bhosle, atif aslam ,and all other singers should take coaching from me.

  21. Pathetic, overrated singer. Among Pakis, I prefer Shafqat Amanat Ali, Rahat Fateh Ali Khan and Adnan Sami. Others are simply pathetic, with no formal training and no singing talent at all. Thanks to the music they sing to, they're able to somehow a following, mostly of those having no idea of music.

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