PML-N rejects Online news story


The Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz has rejected a news item reported by Online news agency which was based on Raymond Baker’s book “Capitalism’s Achilles Heel”. In a statement, Muhammad Mehdi, media coordinator of the PML-N, said that the “eight citations” given in Baker’s book were a repetition of allegations made against the former prime minister during various times.
He said that all the eight citations hold no rationale or even a worth to be part of logical talk, adding that in his article published in a local newspaper, Dr Abdul Qadeer had claimed that Raymond Baker’s book showcased bank accounts of Nawaz Sharif in detail. However, the fact is that such detail is neither found nor available in the book, Mehdi added.


  1. Good statement. I read that book after columns of Dr.Qadeer Khan and Hassan Nisar. this book is baseless. Mr. Muhammad Mehdi describe facts in fact.

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