Young medics vs Punjab government!


Young doctors have asked Punjab Chief Minister Mian Shahbaz Sharif to ensure acceptance of their three demands if he wants them to call off their strike.
According to a private TV channel, talks were held between representatives of young doctors and senior doctors on Sunday wherein the young doctors presented their demands.
First, they demanded that every medical officer should be appointed directly in grade-18.
Second, they said the honorarium of a graduate should be equal to that of a medical officer.
Third, they asked the authorities to equate health professional allowance with basic income.
They also insisted to meeting the chief minister in person for getting assurance for the acceptance of their demands.
Senior doctors assured the young doctors that they will not only place demands of the young doctors before the government of Punjab but would also arrange a meeting with the chief minister.
They appealed to the young doctors to call off their strike.
Young doctors refuted the appeal of senior doctors and said they will not annul the strike before their demands are accepted.
Meanwhile, special assistant to the provincial minister for health, Khwaja Salman Rafeeq said the health department would wait for the results of negotiations between senior doctors and the young doctors.
The deadline of 24 hours for calling off the strike is over, he said adding that they will not let the young doctors to blackmail the health department.
Special assistant to provincial health minister said in case the strike of the young doctors is not annulled, alternate arrangements are already in place, and the health ministry of the province will implement the plan.
He also termed that the young doctors going on strike will also be arrested as the last option.