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Govt plans to improve halal meat exports

Punjab Agriculture and Meat Company Chief Executive Officer Hamid Yaqoob Sheikh said on Sunday that the government had made a comprehensive plan to increase the export of halal meat.
“Demand for Pakistani halal products is growing internationally and
Punjab Halal Development Cell has been set up to meet this demand,” he added. Sheikh said that Pakistan was rich in the best breed of livestock and according to latest figures, there were 69.6 million cows and buffaloes, and 91.5 million goats and sheep in the country.
However, due to a lack of standards regulating the halal met industry in Pakistan, local traders are not marketing their products in international markets properly, which is inflicting a great loss to the national economy.
Answering a question, he said that after setting halal standards, Pakistani products would be recognised throughout the world and massive amounts of foreign exchange could also be earned.

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