Shahbaz pitches his tent in Pindi


Punjab Chief Minister Shahbaz Sharif on Saturday set up a tent office in Rawalpindi in protest over load shedding. In an attempt to solve masses’ problems, Chief Minister Shahbaz Sharif chaired a meeting in his tent office in Liaqat Bagh.
Addressing the session, Shahbaz Sharif said all assurances of the federal government regarding uniform load shedding in all the provinces proved wrong, adding that it was very difficult to sit in the tent in the scorching sun, but he would not leave the masses at the mercy of the government.
He wowed to sit in the tent office until the government carried out uniform load shedding in all the provinces.
A huge crowd gathered outside Liaquat Bagh in a bid to see the chief minister to redress their complaints.
The police stopped people from getting in the CM’s tent office. Baton charge and other typical tactics were seen when the police were handling the mass gathering.
Shahbaz Sharif also met the heirs of the two people who were murdered in the city and announced a compensation of Rs 1 million for the children of the victims and ordered arrest of the murderers within a week.


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