People express solidarity with Burmese Muslims


People all over the country expressed solidarity with the Muslims of Arakan (Myanmar), Burma on Friday, on the appeal of the Ameer Jamaat e Islami, Syed Munawar Hasan.
Rallies were taken out in Karachi, Peshawar, Quetta and other major cities to condemn the massacre of the Burmese Muslims and to draw the attention of the world community, the United Nations and the OIC to the issue.
The Ulema and Khatibs in their Friday addresses, stressed upon the Muslim rulers to rise for the help of the oppressed Arakan Muslims.
Syed Munawar Hasan, addressing the Friday congregation at Mansoora mosque, said if the OIC was alive and if the Muslim rulers had any sense of honour left, they should endeavour to stop the bloodshed of the Arakan Muslims.
He said had such brutalities been perpetrated against any other community, the world press, the UNO, and the NGOs would have been crying hoarse, but no one was taking notice of the bloodletting of the Muslims. He said that thousands of the Arakan Muslims had been killed during the last weeks.
He said that the Arakan Muslims wanted to cross over to Bangladesh but Bangladesh had closed its borders to them and the BD government was leveling false allegations against them.
The JI Ameer said that since the 9/11, the west, under the patronage of the US, had picked up confrontation with the Muslim world as they believed that Islam was the greatest obstacles in the advancement of the western civilization. That was why the Muslims were being victimized all over the world.
He said, in the US Congress, the Democrats and the Republicans had joined hands against Pakistan and were about to move a bill that would allow Washington to punish those who had sympathies with the al Qaeda and the Haqqani group. This showed that the US could go any extent to achieve its evil designs and wanted to keep this country under pressure. He said that the Haqqani network was active inside Afghanistan and the NATO forces had failed to check it. The US wanted to bracket the Haqqani network with Pakistan in order to force it to conduct a military operation in North Waziristan.


  1. Pakistan is a strange country in which people are showing solidarity with Burmese Muslims but they didn't condemn the Genocide of Hazara Community in Quetta and massacres in Gilgit Baltistan……Truly Pakistan is country full of Hypocrites.

    • Pakistan is running because of the Brave Pakistani people living inside the country, while, their problem is that they are deprived from the leadership qualities, the lackness of education in the people, most of 75% all over the country are uneducated but it is still running… it is truly to say that It is running because of Supreme Power of Almighty Allah… Further there is no stone leave unturned for the depreciation of Pakistani people by the leaders. While Pakistani Muslim's hearts beating for their innocent brothers killing by non Muslim in the world.

  2. Jamaat e Islami,the gang of hypocrites never protest against the killing of innocent shias and other people who are being killed by pro-jammat Taliban on daily basis,on the other hand majority of Pakistanis are ignorant who will follow anyone with the slogan of Islam.

  3. Really Pakistan is a country which can easily help to the Arakan Rohingya Muslims Ethnic to be ended severe persecution upon them(Rohingyas). But in other hand, Pakistan is under persecution of Obama’s administration. So the country is forwarding day by day back. Although Pakistan is under persecution of Obama’s administration the country even helps to the world Muslims Ummah because there are available believers in oneness of Allah(swa). Real Muslims know there is no God but Allah and Hazarat Mohammad (sm) is His prophet.

  4. We all are the same Muslims so we have a close relations with the Muslims of others world,,,,,,, so my elders and younger of Burma's Don't be afraid of anything or any moment happening, ALLAH will save us he is the most powerful and the almighty…

    • Yes Please keep on waiting for ALLAH. He is not coming any time soon. His hands are full—are yours?

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