I am still around


The other side of the story

Yesterday, I gave the news. Today, I am the news. What a transition. Interestingly, a couple of months back I had written a column about unethical reporting on social media. Little could I imagine that soon I would be its most celebrated victim and that the mainstream media would jump in and join the bandwagon in haste.

What happened in the infamous Malik Riaz interview is now common knowledge and I guess millions have seen the video and commented on it. Millions may have seen it but I have not. That’s right. For the last two weeks or so, I have not seen the television nor read any newspapers out of serious depression. I even stayed away from the social media except for on a few occasions. I do however get frequent reminders by friends and family who tell me what’s on. The best comment that came out was on a facebook page when a young lady from USA commented, “I can’t imagine all those who voted for our corrupt politicians to shout themselves hoarse and point out to a television show in mock horror whence they themselves have voted in the biggest corruption ever….” Maybe it is not a fair comment but it does give me some respite in a jungle of hateful and abusive remarks.

Sadly all those so called sensible journalists that teach us ethics of journalism on television never even once asked for my point of view, or my side of the story. So much for impartiality and fairness.

I did give my own version on the same medium as I felt that I owed it to my children, family and most specially my viewers who have been loyal to me over the years.

They tell me each setback makes you a better man. I am not sure if one wants to be a great man at this cost? Something that disturbs me is how the on-screen and off-screen tapes were edited and combined to give a false impression about what transpired. Obviously, it does not matter now as some have made up their minds, while others may not appreciate the fine difference. Moreover, another thing that baffles me was the barrage of articles and comments praising a thief who stole the footage to upload it on YouTube. I respect the great cause but how in the world can anyone justify theft for any reason whatsoever. So much for our broadsheet ethics. Sadly, I still belong to the school of thought which does not allow me to condone robbers and thieves.

When I uploaded my version on YouTube, I did ask some probing questions of my peers. To date, no one has answered them or taken up my challenge. What some television anchors made out to look like crafted chatter off-the-screen is nothing compared to what actually transpires in their own shows. Any journalist who has spent a few years in the field will vouch for the fact that this is neither out-of-the-ordinary or unethical. Sadly, the biggest scoop of the day was made to look like the greatest scam of the year. Quotes were edited to give false impressions; a harmless phone call was made to appear as dictation by the federal government whilst a detailed text message by someone in the opposition was forgotten as a child’s remark, for that suited them.

What actually transpired that day is a story that I shall definitely tell but before that I must ruefully explain how my children were harassed in shopping centres, my friends laughed at and my viewers made to duck in shame and, for a while, it seemed the entire world would collapse. If it were not for faith in God, my loved ones and my special friends who came in large numbers and provided me with strength and support, I would never have been able to rise above the state I was forced into.

I still believe that the issue was blown unfairly out of proportion and that my own colleagues went around in circles, not being able to decide where to begin. I am not passing on the buck as none of that matters to me now but it left some deep scars to serve as a painful reminder for years to come.

In hindsight, some great things happened. I must confess having been robbed off the status of a solo anchor actually saved me for my co-host of the day and I never got along. Heaven forbid, if I had been alone, I am sure I would have been at ease and comfort and then there would have been no respite for me whatsoever. A harmless joke on the day comes back to haunt me as some took it very seriously.

On the fateful day, nothing went right for me. A small car accident, a ticket on the motorway, losing some neck ties and then boardroom arguments that turned unpleasant and so much more.

However, before I tell my version of the infamous Malik Riaz interview, I just wish to remind those so-called honourable newspapers that published front-page news that I had run away from the country that they were wrong in their reporting: I am still around.

(Part 1 of a series of articles)


  1. Easy come easy go. Mr Luqman has had a meteoric rise both in financial and "other"terms. He now drives a Mercedes, lives in a posh neighbourhood and has security deployed at his house. He took on our respected leader Nawaz Sharif and cast aspersions on his character by saying that NS flirted with a newspaper correspondent. So what if Mian Saheb wanted to present her an Ipad.

    • You must be kidding me right? It’s not Mubashir Lucman, he just presented what Kim Barker have written in her book and mentioned in her interviews. It’s a shame for the whole nation, that a Prime Minister is flirting with a New Journalist. Shame….

      • It is there in her books. It was not Lucman who fabricated it. NZ should be ashamed and we should be ashamed that he is one of our leaders still.

      • Nawaz Sharif is another corrupt leader. i dont think people in pakistan got even any idea what they do out in foreign countries. they all belong to the same family….ye sab choor aur lotaray hain..aur sab milay huee hain…

    • Mr.Mubasher Lucman,
      It was not what it seemed it looks bad but there is more to it then just ….
      He is an honest anchor rough maybe but a true gentleman,
      He has exposed many wrongdoings by many people in high places and if he is silenced then one less persons for the crooks ,Criminals,Land mafia, Corrupt politicians to worry about,He has been silenced,
      He is a fighter he will come back with a vengeance, he will fly even higher,
      His cars are nobody's business.

  2. Just one word for you……..have some shame atleast….you were never journalist….for some good bucks u were in this industry…….u failed in your previous projects and a failure in this episode also

  3. Lucman is still not taking responsibility for what happened. Its everyone else's fault. He is blaming it on an accident, a speeding ticket, boardroom arguments etc etc. First step towards recovery is to admit the fault. Lucman has failed again. He is a person who can never ever be trusted again. Instead of admitting he made a mistake, he's blaming everyone else. Shows he's still being dishonest.

  4. Oh dear. Here comes Mr.Lucman with another explanation for his misdeeds. Mr.Lucman…you who have sucked on the teat of power of a corrupt dictator and then nestle into a cushy job with Mian Amer's channel…you who are so assinine as to forget that big brother is always watching…you with the slug on your upper lip…yes you mr.lucman, are the stain on the media's crisp white shirt. Go die in whatever way suits you. If yesterday you were giving the news and today you are the news, trust me tomorrow you will be history that no one will care to remember. Hope you enjoyed your Warholian 15 minutes.

  5. Lick man, lick man and that is how it should be. Sorry to say but what goes around comes around.

  6. L I C K man, L I K C man and that how it should be. Sorry to say but what goes around comes around.

  7. shut up ,, Have some shame and dont try fool innocent pakistani one more time , ,,go and direct movies

  8. Lukman was angry on "Monis Elahi Question, because , once he has 2 Mercdez and one of them gave by Monis Elahi.. he met with him so many times, and called him his younger brother.. May be he was involved in the corruption of Monis Elahi..Lukman you are a corrupt person, and now you want sympathies…but its too late..you were never a Journalist…now i think you should move outside the country….

  9. Okay, you have the right to have your say. People like me, who are disappointed to see the leaked video, are hoping for a better explanation. You owe us. You need to re-gain our trust with your truthfulness.

    • Pls dont be this myopic, your trust is vulnerable to his truthfulness; which is an actual and factual deception.
      media is a social platform which is indeed commercial. we see one single and simultaneously have no clue what goes in the studio,
      they are all the same, these folks accept gifts from politicians and tycoons attend there parties and it goes on, in cumbersome list.

    • There can not a any better explaination or even justification. Only a confession is a perfect solution for what happened. But he is being punished more than he deserved. He is being punished 50 times more than what he did.

      Compared to any of the PPP minister he is far better human. Don't compare him with 10% and Gilani the Clown, elsi u may grade Luqman an angel on comparative grounds. but in absolute terms, he did wrong. waiting for his confession Only.

  10. Hahaha. Mr.Lucman. Lucs like you’re out of Luc! No one believes you and no one really cares about you.

  11. You all forgive him. He is human being and he could be wrong sometime. We are all human beings. If you forgive someone today, you would be forgiven some day because none of us is angel.

    • that means I can kill anybody and being a human being I should be forgiven. That's cool. There are some institutes which have the power to play with the minds of millions of people and media is one of them if they found doing such dirty things they shouldn't get any kind of relaxation.

  12. It was clearly a deliberately planned and paid theft of privacy which deserves to be condemned. All those channels who made commercial capital out of airing the off the record conversations are guilty of grave journalistic misconduct. Scandals unfortunately are always more attractive than plain truth in our world. No wonder then that in spite of their oft repeated claims to morality, all our big media engines showed themselves to be shameless and cheap scandalmongers. What a pity indeed that in this particular case our world famous CJ will never take a suo moto notice.

  13. Dont worry about ur future .just stay off air for sometime .
    unfortunately paki people have a weak memory .they will forget what u are .
    and u can start fooling them again
    God help this country !

  14. We would love to hear real story behind this interview with Malik Riaz. Why do I feel that Mrs. Kashif Abbasi is also party in this act to defaming you? She is still enjoying and you have become scape goat. Tell us also about other anchor persons who consider themselves pious and above any inquiry..

  15. Lucman has done innumerable programs that exposed the corrupt. Im not going to undermine their importance. We need to bring some maturity of thought before jumping at each other's throats.
    However, I dont agree with Lucman's argument about theft. Theft can be justified when there is a higher goal to be attained…for example, if seen in this perspective, WikiLeaks was theft but no one can deny the great benefit it did to the common man who was able to see the real faces of their rulers. What was more important- avoiding theft for a philosophical sake or exposing the hypocrisy of the ruling elite? It is for you to decide.

  16. What ! on top of so many tragedies you lost some neck ties, too! How can you take it, man? I mean just losing neck ties alone is such a great tragedy in itself. I would never wish that upon my worst enemy!
    A lesser human would have given up on his life if they lost a neck tie. But you, you keep soldiering on !!
    Hang in there – life is full beautiful neck ties and you will definitely acquire your fair share in the future.

  17. Mr. Lucman! I may have a lot of symphathies for you as a human because to forgive is a noble act . However, I didn't like you as an anchor even before this infamous tragedy because you misguide people, you aren't in favor of democracy and you always support the undesirable. I don't like anchors like you as we have a whole bunch of them including your co-anchor. I know very well what other anchors and journalists are doing, but I am happy that this video have shaken the trust of people as there are no sacred cows in Pakistan. Nonetheless, everything goes against you and you may be the first drop of rain, so one could do nothing about that except to offer symphathies on humanitarian grounds merely.

  18. Shame on you LICKMAN …Just have some Shame .. Admit that you have spitted Venom for no reason agianst Punjab Govt, What you have been doing with PTI Gatherings, MQM Gatherings you are a BLACK example of Yellow Journalism in our society. You should be punished for missguiding the public. I would be hapy to hear court decision against you in Punjab Govt Laptop Case which is registered against you. Ameen

  19. Thank you very much if you are "still around"……….. But wait a minute, no one wants you to be "still around". You are a despicable man who deserves nothing but a loud shut up call from the people whom you have tried to fool for a long time. So if you could please just SHUT UP now. And may I request the same from Mrs. Kashif Abbasi who is still hosting her show. How on earth can you be such obstinate.

  20. Sorry Mr. Luqman, what were you? Having known about you , It is very shameful for you. But shame feel those people who are born by the Islamic Nikah result. Your birth and parents are under mark? You know that I sent you a mail regarding Social Welfare Minister and Secretary of the department Khyber Pakhtoon Khawa. What did you with that mail? You sent my CV to the centre which was spreading the Ahmadi sect in the country. Your religion is under mark? Becuse Shia can do same and your religion is wrong and fiqa is wrong. You are not muslim because of shia.

  21. Lucman or better spelled Luqman, Every successfull person goes through ups and downs much worse that happened to you. There is nothing extra ordinary that happened to you. But, you chose to side with the wrong man. That’s the problem. Please stop shedding crocodile tears. Period.

    Please do not blame us for voting the corrupt into power. Everyone knows how the power was brokered by US and the Musharraf. If you accept that process to be an election, then you do not deserve to be journalist.

  22. He is not even a journalist and on his show behaves as if he has got some fresh Ten Commandments. He deserves this humiliation, I think.

  23. better be not around and leave to live with your fond so called leaqder altaf in london.u were always cheap and will remain so-genes,my boy

  24. Mr Lucman you are a conman, who has taken bribes and gifts from this real estate tycoon who has has robbed the poor of their lands and have supported robbers like Moonis Elahi.

  25. Here Pakistani community in Dubai , he is still famous anchor , he did lots of good deeds , and as far as I believe , he is being punished for his good deeds, and exposing corruption .Some times seeing is not believing ..Who knows what was complete video? I use to be in Air Force , and when we become in trouble our senior help us to get rid off.sorry to say from media community no one showed up as I was expecting .At least Mubashir didnot swore to convince us .I wish him good luck and the one who worked hard to be such a great anchor can buy from his earnings, what ever he likes

  26. One request , Mubashar is anchor not his family , so you can dis agree with him,there is no way some one should point out his family but don't forget we all got families , and we love them ..that's what educated community does . Mubashar in this world RISING SUN IS BEING PRAISED …I am sure you will recover soon and things will go on smooth .

  27. We expect you very soon on any channel , and will sort out new things, govt of Punjab is the most beneficial in this scenario ….no more programmes from Mubashar exposing corruption …

  28. irrespective of your side of the story the fact remains you and many others stand exposed.In any case one can abuse the government becomes good anchor.We have fleet of anchors who had no basic training in journalism.God save the country from such crowd!

  29. Journalism like so many other professions is based solely on trust. If a journalist violates the trust of the people they are bound to be rejected. In your case, Lucman or however you spell your name, you were blatantly dishonest with the people of Pakistan and got caught. You lost the trust of the people. You have shown your intrinsic trait of dishonesty not once but many times. Examples are: You were part of the cabinet for Musharaf, a dictator and liar Pakistan has not had in many years for a leader (an imposed leader though). You blatantly called the CJ all sorts of names in one of your shows. And then the whole Malik Riaz interview. There are probably endless cases of your dishonesty all over the place but I am not privy to them because I don't live in Pakistan. But please admit that you are a yellow journalist, a dishonest man and disgrace to the profession. Stop blaming the person who released the your disgraceful Thekedar Riaz interview, But mark my words here, you will get back into doing the yellow journalism when a new corrupt crony of Zardari gets the license and money to start their own TV station. You only have to wait for sometime and you will be raking in a lot of money soon.

  30. we are proud of you Mr. Lucman, you proof that all pakistani are corrupted having no ethical and religious value

  31. Mr. Lucman you may have been caught up in a firestorm, but you are not without your faults. In fact where initially I thought you a seasoned logical gentleman, you quickly made me realise that all you are is a man with a voice given a chance to shout without anyone shouting back.

    Maybe this is karma hitting back at you for all the vitriol (no matter how well intentioned) that you threw at other people.

    Just relax and stop justifying yourself.

  32. Tough luck Mr. Luqman… Its not just you but most of the anchors are playing this game……. I would just say.."Shareef wo hai jissay mouqa nahi mila."

  33. We all knows that GEO is behind the conspiracy and we must appreciate if you talk against them on Air. God Bless You Mubashir

  34. its much much better than mehar bukhari becz this lukman has a deep inside grief on the incident and this shows tht this guy is hving self respect and ego comparatively to mehr ,
    despite in cases like this no justification is effective becz time period is the only medicine of incidents like to recover mr lukman . u insulted CJ in a program at GEO VD SUCH AN ABUSE LANGUAGE and u proved it nw tht ur anger and connections against judiciary nw is a fact

  35. Luc you are such a pathetic person, This is ALLAH who listened us as we have been praying for you getting shot dead or face some roadside accident. Anyway Now better Shut the crap and let us all take a sigh of relief..
    You were and still a part of YELLOW JOURNALISM, They way of your smoking Marlboro Lights and the way you were portraying as you are the goddess. OH you Mr.Liar Do remember what goes around come around..
    I wish i could say F.O on your LANAT SE BHARA HUA FACE

  36. U owe an apology to ur viewers.You havent admited what u have done. You are stuck in the mess created by your very own self not because of any one else so dont vociferate “sazish” “sazish”. You were caught red handed so dont blame others. Dont try to ridicule the commoners of the Pakistan as they are frenzied by your misdeeds (quite justificable). If u are a man admit it.
    If you have been rewarded because of ur good work than u must be punished. I demand ur removal from Dunya TV or any other institute taht hire ur services. U are not wothy of what u are enjoying.

  37. Mubashir why u expect justice from this nation ???? .. not a nation but crowd … I don’t think u should give any explanation to this Nation … !! If u r criminal u will get ur punishment on the day of judgement if not fruits will follow …

    Stand high with ur neck high if u believe in u r right … these cowards can’t get rid of their impotent leaders .. can’t face the reality of being slaves and point fingers on each other …!!
    Self proclaimed so called educated , who know little to write and read come and bull around …. if i was u i wouldn’t have given a dammnn act them … do what u feel Right ..I believe in YOU ..
    Is qoam ki wohi missal ha ke aik tasweer chowk main latka do.. To nukss hazzar nikalle go ..par jb ussi tasweer ko sudharne ki baat kro ge to koi samne nahin ae ga

  38. Mubashar, I am glad to know that you are fine & have not given up. I always felt that you have great talent & your Spontanious remarks in Khari Baat demonstrate that you always speak your
    mind.I admire your courage to challenge the tall & mighty and it was amazing to see that you never go by the book during the shows. After watching some of your landmark shows I use to think that your boss is gona have to sack you to save their channel, but then it never surprised me to see you back in action because I knew you have a large fan base. It will be unfair if I don’t comment on the Malik Riaz show, I did found it a little unprofessional conduct when I watched it first time. It was only because I thought very high of you but then I realised that at the end of the day you are just like me and anyone can make an error of judgement. I Actulay admire you making your feeling public during the show that you have been pushed to do the show.
    I think your video messages were done with integrity and I believe you mate so you take it easy and all the best for your future ventures. I hope to see you back on TV very soon. Well wisher Sheikh Basit Riaz

  39. To start with, I wud say Allah knows better n He is the best judge of all…
    it is very difficult to make an opinion but once its made.. O its damn difficult to change that.. n the main problem with our Nation is — we r too quick in making an opinion.. we believe the first story we ever hear..
    i believe u.. n i didn't made this opinion just like that… the corrupt mafia — people, tv channels and other media has used this video not only to defame you, but to get their names clear as well..
    im curious y ppl r not asking meher the way the r asking n criticizing u !!

    i wish u very good luck n best wishes against these odds… hope to c u soon back n with full flow… uncovering these corrupt groups…
    Allah b with u n may he guide u to the best.. Regards

  40. I did hate him for a while, but i think that we have blowed this out of proportion, he use to my best anchor will take some time but it can be forgiven

  41. I think there is lots of worst things around us, what ever the show it was no one give the clear explanations, but cant u guys see everything is working fine at DUNYA channel mehar bukhari still hosting only luqman suffered. WHY ?
    dont u guys think the director of the program management of the channel they were all involved then why we criticizing the luqman only.
    Well no one is right here there is more worst then luqman but they r innocent because no one can prove there corruptions.
    I think we all should stop cursing him its enough !!

  42. The best thing for Mr Lucman would be to watch the interview tape along with his family and friends and let them make the judgment .Shame on you Lucman

  43. Sir Ji phir ghalat kaam nahi kernay thay na. It's useless to cry over split milk. One thing you must know, that your journalism career is over now. No one will look at your shows ever….That guy who stole and posted the video must have realized what exactly is happening in there. That's why he stole it and posted it on youtube. Hats off to his courage. I have stopped watching Mehar Bukhari as well.

  44. Mr Lucman, the hero can pay the price for his ‘theft’, but you can’t pay the price for what you’ve done.

  45. Dont worry about ur future Mr Luqman. Khotha 40000 Rs ka hai aur rehrri 10000 ki so tum kharid loo ab. basss. Mujeh tu tum pehlay hi zehar lagtay thay!……………….:P

  46. Mr Luqman……..we should never laugh when others are getting insulted…….but Mr Luqman it is a natural process that a person reaps what he/she harvest……It was you who always misbehave with politicians, and guests you interviewed……you always felt honor to abuse, betray others……why i am reminding you these pointless things you did in past……i never consider you as journalist……God'd know how you become anchor….you were a self-claimed scholar and journalist……Allah ki Kasam if i would have been owner of any media house,,,,i would have thought 1000 times before appointing you even as watch man….because you are a bat tameez person…..we hate all those who were opportunists during Musharraf rule including you enjoys a ministry in Punjab………. i would suggest you now say sorry to ALLAH and start welfare for human being….that can shadow your sins…..ab bas we cant bear people like you in media…………. i hope you will consider it seriously…..

  47. You are still around?? If You had even a speck of Shame, You should have shot yourself. And Pakistani people are still waiting for it. Come on!! Be a Man!! Go Shoot Yourself.
    Do my words sound harsh?? Well You used to say similar words for people who did or
    did not commit shameful acts, in Your Programs. Remember Your program about Chief Justice Sb, in which guests were (Late) Fauzia Wahab & Wasim Akhtar. How callously You had said, ” Chief Justice should be Shot”. It’s better You shoot Yourself, Biggest Black Sheep of the Media.

  48. Khao Qasam Tum Qadiani nahin ho…..Ohhh Qadiani tau Jhooti Qasam bhi Sawab samajh k kha letay hein….You just follow my previous MSG.

  49. Hey, how about I buy you back some of your lost neckties (cause currently and for the distant future you shall remain unemployed!) and you wrap them around your neck and pull hard!!!!!

  50. Why don't you just say, "I am a crook," and that will be the end of this saga. And where do you learn the journalistic etiquette? Shame on you and shame on those who hired you and put on air to talk nonsense.
    I never saw any Pakistani TV program and that was much publicized, so I opened up on Youtube. What a nonsense you and the lady were talking?

  51. Time for some soul-searching, Mr Luqman! Ever thought of how you used to ridicule your guests through your one-sided loud-mouthed harangues ever denying them defence by your typical 'take a break' and voice-accentuated 'aik minute, aik minute' tactics, misusing your privileged anchor's status? You didn't even spare revered scholars like the late Dr Israr before whom you're next to nothing in terms of worldy or religious knowledge. You aired a one-sided heavily biased propaganda against Mukhtaran Mai never allowing her to say even a word in her defence. The list is a long one. Such has been your norm–brazen and bare-faced shameful. What goes around comes around. You acted like a pseudo-intellectual and a messiah; you were not. Now get a taste of what you've been force-feeding on others. The divine law is absolute and spares no one!

  52. Esquire Lucman says that he cannot condone robbers and thieves. Let me ask you, if it is OK for you to use stolen evidence, obtained from an unknown source, to present in your program then why is it wrong to upload a video that exposes the truth about an unethical person. Furthermore, would you not consider it condoning robbers and thieves, if you join the cabinet of a person (Musharraf) who has robbed the country of its constitution, apart from the other billions he made from a generals pay. Please don't teach us morality.

  53. keep it up lukman, dont worry, u have done nothing wrong, its natural phase, the tree that has maximum fruits will always hit by the passerby. All the anchors seems to be controversial and stubborn and what u did is a natural phenomena so don’t take it to heart. Its just bend in the road, move on and road is again safe and sound. Just Rocks

  54. It was a nightmare for Luqman, Mehar Bukhari, Malik Riaz (who is now a hot target of judiciary and heroworshippers of Iftikhar Ch and Dr Arsalan) after unethical reording of off air episode was released to social media. It is true that almost all media anchors do same things while doing live interviews if celebrities. WE hope that we shall see Luqman back on screen. After all he is far more better than mischievious, Kamran Khan.

  55. Y so many clarifications but still no words against ur corrupt god father Riaz thekedar,plz stop all this Topi Drama,now ur worth is not more than a toilet paper.u r badly exposed.Izzat or zillat Allah k hath hai.Now Hamid Mir is calling u plz attend his phone.Now we know that u r against him only bcoz he is against ur god father.ML u r a male version Maya Khan.u moto in life is mainu note wakha mera mood banay.

  56. here are a lot of comments and i am not sure that Mr. Lucman will wheter read my comments or not but i have only one sentence for him as i posted on his youtube vedio…."Keep it up we are with you" you did not committ any crime, come on and join any news channal of this foolish pakistani media.

  57. my dear luqman dont u wory ups n downz comez in life n thts the beauty of our life.INSHALLAH u ll come back bt u should play vital role in the field of journlism.

  58. Mr. Luqman please do something better & constructive in future. You need to earn honest money to bring up honest kin. Which you – yourself are not am sure your late father must be in great pain seeking forgiveness for your misdeeds from ALLAH (swt) because even when we are orphan our parents pray for us from the better place while looking down at us.

  59. Luqman had said in his show while replying to Mr. Jasra, that he bought his car from the sale proceeds of the house inherited by him. He owns perhaps BMW 5 series r 7 series car. Now every one knows from where he got.. Thats the real face of a so called elite of this country.




  61. Here in this country everyone doing the same………….. If Luqman has made the mistake every body is talking and commenting on his deeds what about all the others who are doing the same. We all need to boycott all the others who are in the media and doing such things and helping the corrupt ones.

    We all need to change…………………….. May God give us courage to at least admit that we are part of all the corruption present in this country.

  62. Shame on you lucman, you still churning up lies. I guess you were too busy deleting comments from your utube video, just like you deleted mine. Even though your kids are not guilty but their father by default is a yellow journalist. You have come a long way from Suleiman taseer – mushy – and now Mian Amer and Riaz thekaydar, all to get the monetary benefits and reporting whatever your masters desired. Shame on selling your soul, Mubasher Lucifer…..

  63. Mub, I for 1 used to follow u on twitter, if nothing just to know the chatter between u n Dr Masood, who had me blocked for asking some Qs. Fact, the interview was planted. Accept it, and then move on. For u or Meher to deny it is an insult to the intelligence of Pakistanis. “Planted lage ga, lagana nahi chahee, jo ke hai” gives the game away. But I agree on one thing, it is unfair to target u alone, Meher is equally responsible if not more. It is not only her but her Hubby Kashif had been doing it 4 a long period, giving full propaganda opportunities to PMLN. I wrote a long article and forwarded it to him and his management to highlight and condemn his practice. He has appeared in programs to back up his wife. http://www.pkhope.com/email-to-the-management-of-… it is worth reading.

    Forget about everything, just look at Pakistani biggest newspaper, the columns in it, most of the time look like paid advertisement for different parties. I never had any trust on Pakistani media, for good reasons. I have not seen one single professional Pakistani Journalist who is worth my respect and recognition. All I see is substandard shoddy work.

  64. Lucman, you have to prove something about the media and the anchors you are talking about? How we can trust on you now? but we are ready to give you a chance to clarification.

  65. اس وقت ملک میں ذرائع ابلاغ کے درجنوں مراکز ایسے ہیں جو باقاعدہ عالمی طاقتوں کے ایما اور ان کے اخراجات پر کام کر رہے ہیں۔ ہماری اقدار، تہذیب اور معاشرت کو بگاڑنے میں ان کا کردار سب سے زیادہ ہے۔
    پاکستان میں بے حیائی اور فحاشی کے ہر مظاہرے کو دنیا بھر کے میڈیا میں ایک ’’کارنامے‘‘ کی حیثیت دے کر اس کی غیر مومولی تشہیر کی جاتی ہے۔ اسے یوں سراہا جاتا ہے جیسے پاکستان نے علم و حکمت کی کوئی ناقابل تسخیر چوٹی سر کرلی ہو۔
    ایسا کیوں ہو رہا ہے؟ اس کے پس پردہ کیا عوامل ہیں؟ در حقیقت اس وقت عالمی طاقتیں ہمارے میڈیا کو اپنے ہاتھوں کا کھلونا بنانے پر تلی ہوئی ہیں۔ ان کی کوشش ہے کہ یہاں کے میڈیا پر وہی چیز آئے جو عالمی طاقتوں کے لیئے مفید ہو، جس سے ان کے حق میں حالات سازگار ہوں۔ اس طرح کی پزیرائیوں اور نوازشات سے ہماری نسل نو کی صلاحیتیں خریدی جا رہی ہیں۔ ہم ہر چیز میں ان کی پسند اور نا پسند کو دیکھ کر چلنے لگے ہیں۔ اس کا انجام ظاہر ہے کچھ اچھا نہیں نکل سکتا۔
    آج ہمارے صحافی قلم کا تقدس فراموش کر چکے ہیں، ہمارا میڈیا ان آزاد راہوں پر چل رہا ہے جن کا مرکزی خیال عالمی طاقتیں فراہم کر رہی ہیں۔ اہل پاکستان کی ایسی کاوشوں کو بھرپور ستائش اور اعزازات کا مستحق سمجھا جاتا ہے جو ہماری اقدار سے ٹکراتی اور اغیار کے خدو خال سے میل کھاتی ہوں۔ قلم کا تقدس ہمیں ایک بار پھر زندہ کرنا ہوگا۔ ۔ ۔ ۔ ۔ اپنے علم، اپنی تہذیب اور اپنی روایات کہنہ کو تازگی بخشنی ہوگی !

  66. Dude, a have some shame and disappear. Or perhaps, start paying people to support you as you were paid. Maybe, it's time for others to buy a Mercedes.

    I'm ready to become a "Luqman" in this quest!

  67. WHAT is really amazing is the comment writers. Make Allah your witness and say you are better than Mubasher. And yet you will vote for Nawaz and Zardari and then come here and write all this verbosity filled with empty talk. Go do something positive you >>>

  68. Buck up Lucman and try to learn from our top leadership. Who knows them better than you. People like me are mindless idiots and will forget everything in few weeks. But in the meantime you will be offered a huge contract by a bigger media tycoon. So its temporary setback and sort of cost of big promotion. Cheer up buddy.

  69. People wait till his petition that he filled about his five year income is decided upon and then write comments against him. At least he has guts to file a petition unlike so called leaders of this great country.

  70. Mub, I for 1 used to follow u on twitter, if nothing just to know the chatter between u n Dr Masood, who had me blocked for asking some Qs. Fact, the interview was planted. Accept it, and then move on. For u or Meher to deny it is an insult to the intelligence of Pakistanis. “Planted lage ga, lagana nahi chahee, jo ke hai” gives the game away. But I agree on one thing, it is unfair to target u alone, Meher is equally responsible if not more. It is not only her but her Hubby Kashif had been doing it 4 a long period, giving full propaganda opportunities to PMLN. I wrote a long article and forwarded it to him and his management to highlight and condemn his practice. He has appeared in programs to back up his wife. http://www.pkhope.com/email-to-the-management-of-… it is worth reading.

  71. you must come live and say sorry to all viewers and fans those who think what ever you say is true and then try to follow the path of truth.Lucman Bhai Mashallah you have BMW 7 series and Range Rover you go with escort VIGO aur kia chahiye aap ko seedha rasta ikhtiar karain aur apni ghulti ko tasleem kartey hoe aisey logon ka raaz fash karain jo aisey kamoon per majboor kartey hain

  72. I am with Mubasher Luqman. The guy has done nothing wrong, no corruption, no murder, no massacre, nothing immoral.
    Pakistani awaam has a habit of jumping like dogs on petty things. Shame on such people who are blaming and abusing luqman. Low lives good for nothing.

    Dear Luqman,
    Whatever happened on that episode was nothing bad or wrong, I hope you will return to the TV again and keep on exposing the corrupt politicians.

    • Oh God, what you said if its considered true, will destroy the society. What he did was definitely bad, despite there are ppl who are doing even worse, rather the worst. but that doesn't mean Luqman is innocent. i have been saying it repeatedly, that people are opposing strongly because he was loved by many, he was an ideal anchor for too many. For me too he was one my fav anchor, with Talat Hussain on Top of all.

  73. Mr lucm in ur life time u thought when u critisixe others what happend to them ? u said u r in depression. i asked y u r not in ICU by heart attack, u r too much DhEET. still arguing ….still u r sayin the man who uploaded video is a thief…that video is editied…tell me who put words in ur mouth ? these words can't b deleted or produced from ur mouth

  74. Mr. Mubashar "honesty is a very expensive gift do,t expect it from cheap people" and u r cheap—cheaper—–cheapest and still expecting someone believe you

  75. I think you should be given right to express your point of view about that event. But I have seen your programs and I think you are against CJ from the time of Parvez Musharraf whcih give strength to the fact that your interview was a propaganda against CJ. Secondly my friend, You also had a ministry in Musharraf's regime which according to Hamid Mir was gifted to you as you were leading a propaganda against CJ (I don't Know). BY the way no worries, these stupid people of Pakistan (including me) will accept you very soon and they will forget every thing. I think you should wait for some time or go for 40 days chillah or 4 month with TJ (LOL) 30% of the people of Pakistan will again accept you just because you came from chillah… ha ah ah

  76. Shame on you, you shameless bully. You do not deserve to be an anchor. And now you come out with lame explanation. For God sake, have some shame and be off.

  77. Lucman, I am eager to listen to your side of the interview in detail. Please do so soon

  78. Lucman was working for MQM and result is in front of us, he was aggressive, talented but sold for his ambitions and not honest and sincere with his job, though he pretended that he is with PTI but ISF but actually he was working on MQM agenda to explite PMLN politically and on other hand excite ISF to clash with IJT.

  79. I would suggest all the readers, before putting negative ramrks on Luqman, we should understand and listen both side of the story, then the best opinion can be made. What ever happened during that propgrams, might b it would be the regular practice in all the live program, guest usually are being told to clear his point of view. I know few unusual things happed during the off recordings, for that we should listen whole the story before putting our decisions and remarks. I am not the follower or firends or relative of Luqman, but as a common person, I cant comment that is based on the incomplete and one side of the story.

  80. "I still belong to the school of thought which does not allow me to condone robbers and thieves." Oh really! If I remember correctly were you not a minister in Musharaff's government and you represent some political party as well, don't you? Last time I checked neither Mush nor any politicians of this God-forsaken country had the status of angels. Each one of them had robbed and stolen in his own ingenious way. You worked hand in glove with them. Woo you expose yourself in trying to prove your innocence. Fie, fie.

  81. such a character of an anchor diminish entire trust on the journalists and the media!

  82. We did not see you for a while now and trust me no one has missed you. Please stay off air, preferably just disappear for ever.

  83. When you Lucman started your career on Business Plus channel, according to your colleagues you used to receive confidential info. on files from the agencies which you then joyfully used to decimate politicians invited on your show. With morality like that you should expect no sympathy from the general public who perceives you as someone who has sold his soul for cold hard cash.

  84. Mubashir Luqman is a so big liar. 100 lye have 2 be speaks 4 hiding one lie. U r no more hero in pakistan now u r just zero. so leave the journlism and forgive the whole nation plzzzzzzz

  85. Shaitaan k bht se roup hutay hain … us ka aik rooop mubasher lucmnan hia … ALLAH se dar bagairat /./// ab tou maaan lay k haan tu galat tha /…….. apna qibla durust kr ….. jis aqal ko tu use karta hia shaitaaani kamo me wo ALLAH ki dee hui hai ……. bagairat

  86. Match Fixing is punishable than why not Interview Fixing. Both LUCMAN and MEHR should be barred from journalism for at least sometime and they should themselves give up the loot they got through unethical practices.

  87. We being muslim steongly believe that everyone who came to this world will be expose before he leaves.
    You were a credible journalist and people believed you. You were getting Rs. 17’00’000. Seventeen thousands from your channel as far my inormation is concerns. There is something that no one believes you. once you used words death pnality for CJ I have seen the clip.
    Hussain Haqqani also trying to give his justifications to nation by newspapers. but look into your heart why this all happend to you. God can give you all but you must commit in frant of the nation “Yes” I have done all for this greed and for this short life for money. please stop hating credible anchors and journalists. You cant chane anything. stop run behind jhot and propgandas but honestly ask God to forgive you and take this event as lesson and dont forget your viewers are more claver than you.

  88. Why don't you just say, "I am a crook," and that will be the end of this saga. And where do you learn the journalistic etiquette? Shame on you and shame on those who hired you and put on air to talk nonsense.
    I never saw any Pakistani TV program and that was much publicized, so I opened up on Youtube. What a nonsense you and the lady were talking?

  89. Why are you still around? You shouldn't be.

    In a developing country like Pakistan which is also former colony people who are otherwise a burden but can speak and write English are considered sensible.

    Lucman is no exception.

  90. No matter what you explain now people are wise enough to judge your character. Asking about a villa given to HM revealed only ur envy.

  91. You want sympathy, you want to justify yourself, you want to give clarifications. Have you ever thought that you were involved in a conspiracy against the respected Chief Justice of Pakistan? Allah Almighty showed you that when you spit on the sky that comes back on you face. Shame on you.

  92. Mr. Luqman i am most concerned about your demeanor towards M. riaz during that phone call. i agree with your argument of theft; let us not forget in the maze that the theft brought to light the actual and factual you. We are enlighten that not only the govt but media personal are also corrupt. The so called view builders and thought engineers.
    Your bad luck that your accomplice in the act mahar bukhari was saved by her luck, you both deserve the same fate, unfortunate for you to have no companion in this unpleasant journey.
    Be a man and admit, apologize and i must tell you which you already know that people of this land are fool enough to forget very soon.

  93. Dear Luqman,

    Among all the journalists, you were my most favorite. One reason was your brave journalism and bringing truth (I thought then truth) and black side of politicians. I also appreciated your well-worked homework. You asked well-prepared questions from likes Fauzia Wahab, etc.

    Anyhow, when I saw your leaked video, I was shocked. I was very shocked. And then I realized how dirty human nature can be. It also made me aware, that there could be other black sheep like you in our media and therefore one should be very careful.

    You have not ashamed only yourself but whole media.

  94. Let us act civilized for once and hear him out before lynching him.

    The man's future is at stake and everyone is ready to condemn him unheard.

    Please keep matters in proportion in your heads – this journalist is alleged to have broken a code of conduct. He is not accused of assault on an official or rape or murder, not even of looting from the public exchequer.

    • That does sound like more appropriate. Looks like the comment came from someone highly logical and rational. But respected sir, he was not a common person, he was a celebrity, an ideal for too many. That's why people are coming hard on him. These are the people who watched him with great keen and Avidness. He was loved by many.

      No one will comment on Zardari, the Biggest question mark on our country's sovereignty. Because people already hate him the most. (by people i mean any aware, educated person).

      For Luqman, a confession is the only solution, only that will do. Else there can not be a single justification what he has done. I was his fan, and i was badly hurt because i want him to see what he seemed to me once.


  95. Mubashir Luqman is a so big liar. 100 lye have 2 be speaks 4 hiding one lie. U r no more hero in pakistan now u r just zero. so leave the journlism and forgive the whole nation plzzzzzzz

  96. Shaitaan k bht se roup hutay hain … us ka aik rooop mubasher lucmnan hia … ALLAH se dar bagairat /./// ab tou maaan lay k haan tu galat tha /…….. apna qibla durust kr ….. jis aqal ko tu use karta hia shaitaaani kamo me wo ALLAH ki dee hui hai ……. bagairat

  97. Well Mr. mubashir you were an excellent spin doctor n now you had tasted your own medicine! I wont talk about moralities as these are ancient things when there used to be few gentelmen in society but refering to your article i would like to add that perhaps you forgot to mention that it is not only you who is corrupt n doomed but majority of media is also same like you with a difference that you had a bad day n some one in your news channel had a fight with his wife on that day!

  98. This non sense Luqman of PTI should be thrashed in public. He is disgrace for this society.

  99. Mr Luccman you have done a wrong thing, and this cannot be justified by writting articals or blaming the media……. you worked for the most corroupt man of the pakistan,with the backing of ex pm's son

  100. (bad)luckman, hopefully all these comments will make you realise how hated you are and take a cue and leave us all alone. But then again, a corrupt and immoral man like you who has made so much corrupt money through this profession, will never leave and we will have to bear your irritating face. Tumhari auqaat ka kisko nahi pata, film producer/ director turned the moral police. Please please please please, get lost and leave us alone.

  101. Shame on you. I hated you long before this incident. Your bias was crystal clear. Against PML-N and chief justice. You sat like an slave in front of Musharraf and Q-league people and barked against other. You can’t make people fool any more.

  102. we thought you are brave and bold but you disappoint us by supporting status que ,
    the thief is now Hero of Pakistan's

  103. @ ALLAH jisay chahta hay izat deta hay, jisay chahta hay zilat.

    Mr. Lucman and Malik Riaz thought that they COULD HUMILIATE / Malign CJ AND OTHER JUDGES. BUT They miserably fail to understand that :
    ALLAH (swt) is the OWNER of ALL Honor.

    [ Say, "O ALLAH , OWNER OF SOVEREIGNTY, You give sovereignty to whom You will and You take sovereignty away from whom You will.

    Quran [3,26]

  104. @ Little could I imagine that soon I would be its most celebrated victim

    What Did you expect after becoming Devil's Advocate !

  105. @ it does give me some respite in a jungle of hateful and abusive remarks.

    There is no respite in providing absurd justification for your blunder.
    To get Respite and the way forward is to REPENT.
    ACKNOWLEDGE YOUR mistake sincerely and ask for forgiveness from Allah(swt) and from your viewers.

    [ EXCEPT THOSE WHO REPENT, believe and do good deeds;
    Allah is extremely Forgiving and Merciful. ] (Sur'ah Furqaan:70)

  106. @ it does give me some respite in a jungle of hateful and abusive remarks.

    There is no respite in providing absurd justification for your blunder.
    To get Respite and the way forward is to REPENT.
    ACKNOWLEDGE YOUR mistake sincerely and ask for forgiveness from Allah(swt) and from your viewers.

    [ Except THOSE WHO REPENT believe and do good deeds;
    Allah is extremely Forgiving and Merciful. ] (Sur'ah Furqaan:70)

  107. All Imran's paid columist and journalist will be exposed turn by turn. Hasan Nisar has also been exposed by uttering his belief about Sunnah and Sharia

  108. strangest thing that he only likes to hear / read the comments of a young lady ,strange what she american lady pointed out aabout voting and all that stuff you know better how votes are cast in our country ,,,,,,,corrupt friends like yours (bobby etc) buy votes because they keep the subjects illetratre, hungry and so on ,,,,,,,,you should have replied to that young lady of yours that poor man gets corrupt and sells its vote when lads like yours go to assemblies they forget about their voters ,,,,,,,,,luqman wake up and accept that you did asked for a villa like hamid mir (again corrupt and a phand in suit hiding his leather capal inside expensive coats)for that interview

  109. I had a great respect for him but after seeing that youtube vide their is no justification for his innocence. And "Pakistan Today" it's Not a very good move by you to provide him an opportunity to be back in the filthy game & once again deceive, the ordinary people by his fake personality. He should be boycotted. He has got no moral standing to prove his innocence. He should simply accept what he did. The more he clarifies the more he will be hated to believe. Admit what you did Lucman it could help


  111. when ever one crosses his limit, faces this type of disgrace, someone is always watching you up sky's mr. laaaqman.

  112. Sorry Mr Lucman, but you are acting like Veena Malik. She takes off her clothes whereas someone else did the same for you and when you are criticized you start crying.
    You are no more wanted by people.
    Though including me and lot of people USED to admire you and your efforts.
    Take a break, disappear and order some BBQ.
    You have disgraced people of Pakistan.

  113. Shame on you Lucman! you are the most dishonest person alive in the media. And you're not a journalist. You're just a circus freak, out to make quick bucks with some antics.

  114. Luqmqn , your show has end. You are loose , no execuse . You are big dog,big robber. Get out from my country.

  115. What I believe is that if the off-the record talks of the other TV channels are uploaded in the same way, the people would forget about the one of Mubashir Lucman

  116. Mr Lucman is not the only one in this business, there are many, I feel sorry for only him to be held responsible for that interview.Why everyone is only cursing him, what about the TV channel who arranged that Interview, and the co Host, That lady, Boukhari she was also there, but infact this Lucuman was expelling lots of secrets, may be that is the reason he is cursed more than others.
    I feel All the people holding crucial positions in pakistan must be accounted.The TV channel and the anchors the politicians and Judges, Lawyers, Doctors, and All the departments,
    To be true Lucuman You and others involved should accept there mistake and then try to correct yourself. But it looks still no one from this event has learnt anything.

  117. Durr Fittany Moonh……………….Lakh Lanat eeeee !!!
    90% of media persons are nonsense, opportunistic, they write and talk only to 'sell' and not to 'tell'. Thoo haye tum sab per !!

  118. For the very first time I have seen his tune very low. So i beleive he is guilty. This person was very Rude while interviewing Maulana Israr Ahmed, But this article shows that he has tasted the aroma of what he always inflicted to others.

  119. sir u r dealing perfectly,hamari qom to kohlu k daand jesi hai jidher lag jaey, but u r performing wel in this whole created story..

  120. I dont get this… U guys had the audacity to accept meher bukhari but are not even willing to Lucman for reasons that i fail to comprehend… Listen to his side of the story before passing judgements!

  121. Mr. Luqman….I was not knowing that you will be exposed in this manner. Here I want to mention your history, which is obviously for the information of other readers. I follow and DONT LIKE you since you were doing the program Luqman Dot Com on Business Plus, A channel owned by Late Salman Taseer, then you joined the Care-Taker Govt. of Punjab as Minister, formed by Mr. Pervaiz Musharraf, An Army Dictator whereas your God-Father Mr. Taseer was chosen to was be the Federal Minister. So you enjoyed the Ministry for some time as well. After formation of PPP Govt, and the time when CJP was dysfunctional, you tried to defuse the lawyer's movement when you did a program on 12-May incident, the participants were Late Fouzia Wahab and Waseem Akhtar (Home Minister at the time of 12-May). In that program you rubbishly tried to prove that Honourable Chief Justice should be tried for 12-May incident and the Lawyer Leaders and CJP was involved the killings, the FIR should be lodged against CJP and lawyers…so foolish, the whole world knows that terrorists were of MQM, who with state support (as home minister was waseem akhtar, all police dept was in his under) made those killings…But "Leye Hue Paise Bhi to Halal Krne Hen Na Bhai"… I dont know how you started calling Iftikhar Choudhry as Honourable Chief Justice when he was restored, as the court headed by HONOURABLE JUSTICE LUQMAN.COM has declared Iftikhar Choudhry as killer in 12-May CASE…Shame on you!!!!
    Another PAID program which u did was on the issue of Mohtarma Benazir Bhutto's assassination, in which you tried to fix blame on Mr. Safdar Abbasi and Naheed Khan of Mohtarma's shahadat. That program was then on aired repeatedly on cable accross the country for whole day, even for the months by PPP media Cell. This clearly shows on whom agenda you did that program. This was just to divert the attention of common people, who openly started to ask about the killers of their leader. You make the rulers happy and in reward, you were awarded with some sort of Hilal or Sitara by Asif Ali Zardari (I dont want to write President with his name)…As i dont want to memorize that medal which is awarded you type of people. And then the story of Malik Riaz….which is exposed and everyone knows the fact. I dont need to reveal anything….Just one thing…The opponents of CJP planned for even years, but Allah sabotage their planning in few days… Allah Allah…."Man proposes, God disposes"…"Wa Ta Izzu Man Tashaa, Wa Ta zillu Man Tashaa"


  123. The video was not a theft!! It is called 'whistle blowing' when someone decides to do the right thing!! It was certainly to do the right thing – for the sake of greater good.
    As for your integrity, your past track record shows that how you are bought and what is your price!!
    So, talk about telling the truth and nothing else and start from the days when you opted to be a minister in Mushraf's govt. Was that an act out of patriotism?? What was your price then??

  124. mr lucman u r my hero ….. with out any inquiry or investigation i cant not even blame at u……. u r a brave man ……. plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz dont loose heart … waqt hota he guzarny kaily hy .. i know u r courgeous man and u will face it bravely………. i m with u … you are my ideal anchor person… your style your questions is amazing …..

  125. I agree the off channel talk is generally light and if put on record, could be damaging. But Mr Lucman you forget this was no ordinary case. The man being interviewed was throwing dust at a clean and highly respected Chief Justice. I think you have landed yourself in big trouble and as for your co-host, the less said the better. The two of you owe the nation a sincere apology. May be the people forgive you.

  126. Mr.Luqman I am astonished to learn , you are complaining of theft of recording . Exposing a reality is not theft . I congratulate that person who exposed two thief anchors , who were siding a liar and going against a person who refused to sell the justice . If you had been a truthful person , must had refused to interview a person like Riaz Malik who is nothing but a great …………Put your hand on your heart and close your eyes , then imagine whatever you did was rite or wrong ? Believe in me if your conscious is somewhat alive , it will vote against you . History tells , you always side wrong people . After tv press conference of Riaz Malik you would have refused to be apart of of this programe but you failed to do so as you are not a true anchor .
    It looks ridiculous when you try to defend your wrong doing . It would had been a great of you if you had admitted your wrong deed . REALLY IT IS SHAMEFUL ON YOUR PART. Iam surprised that Mehr bukhari is still continuing and questioning people on different issues WHAT A BAY SHARMI . DOOB MARTI PROGRAME NA KARTI . WHAT TO DO OF THOSE WHO ARE SHAMEPROOF OF EXTREME DEGREE . AAP KO ALLAH POOCHAAY GA . WAIT AND SEE . DAIR ZAROOR HA ANDHAIR NAHEH . NO DAMAGE MADE TO YOUR AND MALIK RIAZ TARGET . MIND IT .

  127. 4 god sake plz leave us.we dont wanna see ur face anymore.i am useing this word 4 first tym in my life and the word iz ' hypocarte"

  128. Lookman, I think you deserve to feel bad as your action on that particular occasion shows your inside personality. Shame on you

  129. You are saying you are still around. You must have suicide by this time but you are so shameless person you are still saying you are around. You have been always a corrupt person and working for the corrupt people, like dictator, politician, and finally for Riaz Malik. Go and ask for forgiveness from Allah SWT.

  130. Yellow journalism………………started in 1990………….bicycle holders became Tv channel holders……….corruption in arms trade created Malik Riaz and he alongwith others of same tactics washed their hands even dipped themselves fully in flowing ganga n grabbed lakshmi greedily….

    It was all drama to divert people'a attention from real issue and in this way none is spared………………Jang k baad jo muka yad aye voh apne mooh pe mar lena chahiye (often said by Ghulam Ishaq Khan)……………

    Plz for God sake…have mercy on poor people of Pakistan…

  131. All TV anchors do the same, most interviews are planned and newspapers have a policy about who they will be tough with n who lenient. So what he did wasn't that wrong. But having said that I must point out that Lucman is one of the biggest blackmailer around. A major chunk of earning of media guys is by blackmail and extortion and Luqman is the worst of that lot.

  132. Cont……………@Mubashir Lucman you don’t have to give explanation for what happened because you know what you are and your Allah, you need to make Allah happy not the people because you can never make them happy but Allah he loves it when you ask Him Forgiveness and he forgives that instant so do the right always even if that means losing everything and everyone because he who has Allah has everything. My best regards to you………….May Allah guide you to make all the right things. (Amen

    • Thats True, Thats what i siad, Confess to God the Almighty first and then to public. come with a better cause. that will do with the passage of times. No one is perfect. But confession can make u a perfect human atleast.

  133. My Dear Luqman,
    I can imagine what you have been going through, must be really tough. I am being highly impartial, though i was annoyed the moment i saw the video. You were a celebrity, ideal for too may. And thats why people expect you to be like what they see in you.

    Wat Zardari & Co has been doing to the country is really unforgivable. But that doesn't make u Innocent. The best way to come up is to confess, that yes this was wrong. You had been one of my Favorite Anchor, and your downfall has hurt me too. We all make mistakes in our lives, so better to confess, to the God first and to the Public then.
    I am Imran Khan's great silent supporter and even he is not perfect, but what makes him a perfect human is that he apologized to the nation by supporting Musharaf in his earlier days.
    You can be a better anchor getting there for a Better Cause. The time will let the people know that this is even better Luqman. Else God Help U.

  134. Meher Bukhari is still present there and people are hardly pointing fingers at her. Its because we have accepted her the way she is, a *******. I can hardly stop myself to use any abusive words for her for 2 reasons, one i respect Kashif Abbasi, 2nd i don't want fall down to her level.
    Why people are more angry at Luqman, the answer is obvious, its only because, we loved him as an anchor, what he has done is hurting us too. Look at Mr. 10%, he is ruining the country, and every1 is ok with him, coz every1 hate him already.
    So i request every1 to give a chance to Sir Luqman, he can be even better anchor and human, only if he confess what he has done was unfair.

    Regards. a Well wisher of Pakistan.

  135. If you are exposed do not comment like that you are the only worse attacking man on TV who was giving lessons of ethics and showing yourself man of truth. You are trying to show yourself innocent but could not. This is just another ridiculous attempt to come on media and start once again acting of wise and sincere man and get massive payment of this.

  136. You expect us to believe this crap, when your clearly on Malik riaz's payroll ?
    Bitch please ………………………………………

  137. At one place you state you haven't seen the video and in another place you say how it has been edited and put together to malign you. You are like a pig's tail which will never straighten. Leave us alone and stop whining like a baby.

  138. Dear Mubasher Lucman, a.a. u r absolutely right power of truth/ diginity/ r in ur heart and brain it is also gifted u from ur waldain and ALLAH.. Sir, u dont look back continue ur spritual efforts for pak nations. Sincerely urs Makhdoom Wali-DUBAI.

  139. Mubasher Lucman: You are done!

    Ziyada smart bante thay, sari smartness nikal gai jaise gubaray mei se gas nikal jaati hai. Illegal ko legal, aur legal ko illegal bana kar pesh karna, yehi tumhara pesha tha. Ab tatti khao!

  140. I really dont know what the real deal is. I only know what what I know from the media and I believe that Mr. Luqman, right or wrong, good or evil, whatever, should at least be given a 'fair trial'! I am not saying that what he did was right but has anyone asked what he has to say about all this?! well, why not?! "Seeing is believing" dosent hold true in this era where media is like a loose cannon and can target anyone at its will or dictation, maybe.
    Our problem is that we pass a 'verdict' just by knowing one side of the story, specially when the 'story' is sufficiently messed up to make it interesting! Everyone is a CJ here! We need to be a responsible nation and make decisions by looking at things from various perspectives and that can only be achieved if we have the COMPLETE pciture.

  141. I ask one simple question if so called Dr Aamir Liaqat Hussain can be forgiven and all his off air discussion can be forgotten then Lukman has done nothing he did not used religion as a ladder to achieve his goals…….. if am wrong then correct me

  142. Oh ML we do not need your clarification, what you did was shameful, have you for got when therating live, now you are in theratan, this is a law of universe. You crossed the limits, you may start new business of selling Haleem, you are no more required in any channal, your rating b zero, we hate you .?.?.?,?.?.?.

  143. I read all the comments , which were posted here , all of them accusing mr Lucman of deeds which were not intended by him. The real pakistani mentality easily aroused easily forgotten . We the Pakistani blame martial Law administrators like Ayub Khan the first one to impose martial law and still elect his son as MNA, we hate Zia ul haq and still his son teaches us the benefits of democracy , we hat klashinkove culture but the son of Akhtar Abdur Rehman is our MNA , we hate Musharaf for his wrong doing but he is still representing us in international media .

  144. . That's the true Pakistani mentality , if the cricket team won a match we start dancing in joy if they loose we start interfering in their daily life trespassing there houses or try to stone them to death. What was wrong with the Clip " NOTHING" ,

  145. it was just an off the record discussion which usually happened between or after the program not more then that . But the rise and fall of our emotional barometer snatched the right of Mr. Lucman to live peacefully ,as he told his family and his friends were harrassed thats what we are a Rogue nation we don't think we just act without thinking . even no one talked about the thief who posted this video on net without permission of the real owner even chief justice was asking Pemra chairman whats this all about he never mentioned the basic right of property woner ship , this is what we are.

  146. Keep it up Mr. Lucman , " when the going gets tough the tough gets going." You had lot more to do , don't stop hre, you pwe your nation the truth which they dont want to hear.
    Ahsan Raza from gilgit

  147. Luqman is it still burning ? why are you calling cameraman or persons with him thief ? and stop beating about the bush, u did what you couldn't handle.
    Journalists think they are not answerable to the people. They are very much answerable to people. You creepers sit in front of us with your words. Your words motivate us, we take that as inspiration but I did not know that this media is full of greedy cockroaches and filthy lizards.

  148. His version of story would can never be more than what he has written here, does anyone believe these desperate yet baseless attempt no, not at all. His shows has always been an insult on some of shows he copied from. Now exposed completely he is just propping up the justification for why he shit on the media on screen. Does he have answer why he was kicked out by his channel soon after it happened.

  149. o brother dnt b disappointed.ths is a very amazing country having interesting people.tm ajao gy or phr chha jao gy.preshan nai hona is country ma sbi asa hi kr rahy han fultime hypocracy from imam e masjid to president……khush raho moj kr bhai

  150. Shame on you not for selling your conscience but for justifying the abominable truth unveiled. U say depression ahh! stop cheating on the innocent people who confide their all in your camouflaged appearances!! Depressed were you not for being exposed but for losing the playground to thrive on hypocrisy. Have mercy on this nation at least with your eternal disappearance from any media! May be this way you are redeemed

  151. The best place to be in and still get away with bullshit is Pakistan. So for you to be still around causes no excitement. For the LUCIFER is here since Adam was created by God

  152. Sorry, you are not a patrotic citizen of Pakistan.Like others you have a bad name to the electronic media.You play with the destines of people of pakistan. Almighty Allah would not spare you

  153. Lucman just say Sorry~ and it will be all over! You have a right to appear again on TV if Aamir Liaqat can be a Religious Scholar you have done nothing as compared to him! So say sorry and do your job again we still love to see you on TV. Because you were the only anchor who spoke against the PML (N) otherwise rest have been bribed to show the goodies of the PML (N)…
    Mr. Luckman has done nothing but a human error that can be ignored!!! so be brave!

  154. I had lot of respect for you Lucman ,after seeing the interview i was shocked .You have sold your self .

  155. This guy has no shame. You even dare to write an article with the expectation to have readers. Go away man. cant see your face anymore….Mir jaffar.

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