Writ of govt nowhere to be seen: Musharraf


All Pakistan Muslim League (APML) chairman Pervez Musharraf condemning the cold blood killing of his party’s senior leader and former District Nazim Peshawar Fahim-ur-Rehman has said that writ of government is nowhere to be seen in the country.
In a statement issued form APML’s office here on Thursday he said that those who raise voice for the peace are murdered while the terrorists are wandering free from Khyber to Karachi.
He demanded the government quit forthwith on the failure to protect people and restore law and order.
He also prayed for the eternal peace to departed soul and patience for the grieved family.
Fahim-ur-Rehman, alongwith three cohorts, was gunned down in Peshawar some couple of days ago, when they were traveling in their car.


  1. The moron is zardari and the shit bag of a bitch boy of nawaz sharif = Rana Iftikhar ch, may they all burn in hell.

  2. .
    This was the norm then. This is the norm now. This would be the norm then. Don't complain …

  3. Prevez Musharraf is the leader that bougth, pakistain to its economic heights. alot of percent of pakistaini people, had it good, when he was in power.
    Yes their were a few mistakes made in his last years as president, but that was due to ill advise from his peers. In the long run people will miss Prevez Musharraf if not today .

  4. Pakistain is doomed if it keeps the criminals in power like zardari, what you need is people like musharraf and imran khan to run this country, otherswise this country is going to go down ,and fall into a failed state. bring proverty levels so high such as africa in coming years. famine famine famine it will be. Get the criminals out zardari and his hench men out !!!!

  5. Musharraf was ten 1000 times better ruler than the present ones. To this day there has not been one single charge against him for corruption. Pakistan had respect in the world. The economy was one of the fastest growing in Southeast Asia. There was law and order. Currency was stable. Pakistan had foreign reserves and the Steel Mills had plenty of cash. Compare that to today's govt. Pakistan is ranked 11th on the list of failed states.

  6. What u did at Lal Masjod was great . . but u left a few of those terrorists alive still . . maybe that's why few people dont like you . . 🙂 BUT WE DO !!!!!

  7. The tactical mistake he made was to let the sharif family out of the country alive. Afterall, people do get killed in a coup. It would have been justified.

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