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Hong Kong architect builds transformer apartment

An architect in Hong Kong transforms a 32-square-metre room into all-in-one apartment. Gary Chang’s apartment is in a 40-year-old residential building located in Hong Kong’s Eastern District. He studied the different distribution possibilities to optimise his 32 square metre space. Sliding wall units are extensively used in the apartment. If you pull the TV wall open, you will find a kitchen behind it. “The kitchen can be easily changed to suit my needs; I can make it bigger or smaller. There is a working table in it; it is my bar as well. I have all the basic kitchen fittings in this two square meter space, including a large dishwasher and refrigerator,” said Chang. The architect spent one year designing and decorating his apartment. The sofa becomes a bed when you put down the sofa back; the mirror on the ceiling can make the space look bigger and hide the steel tracks as well and the apartment can immediately be changed into a private theatre when you put away the hammock chair and close the curtains.

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