Pre-monsoon rain forecast for next week


A two-day rain bout has been forecast from Tuesday that would beat the oppressive heat of June to some extent after the mercury surged to almost 50˚Celsius in some parts of the country on Saturday. “The pre-monsoon rain would hit the upper parts of the country including Rawalpindi and Islamabad that will be followed by the onset of regular monsoon season from the first week of July,” Pakistan Meteorological Department Director General Arif Mehmood said. He said the pre-monsoon spell would be mild but would help bring the temperature down that would in turn have a positive impact on the human health as well as the standing crop. According to the Met Office, southwest monsoonal currents are likely to penetrate southern and eastern parts of the country from Sunday evening. Under the influence of southwest monsoon incursion, intermittent scattered rain-thundershowers are likely in Rawalpindi, Islamabad, Eastern Balochistan, Sindh coast, central and upper parts of Punjab, upper Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and most parts of Kashmir from Tuesday to Thursday.