Player ‘completes’ Diablo III video game


Just over a month after the release of Diablo III, a pro player has managed to complete the game on its hardest setting. Toronto-based Kripparrian posted a video on YouTube showing the hard fight against Diablo-the ultimate boss in the game. To make the task harder, Kripparrian used the game’s “hard core” setting which left little room for error. The achievement has been confirmed by the game’s developer, Blizzard. The hugely popular Diablo III game casts players in the role of a hero who has to save the mythical world of Sanctuary from a demonic invasion. Kripparrian made this job as hard as possible by playing the game’s Inferno mode which makes in-game enemies much tougher. In addition, he used a “hard core” character. This meant that, if the character died once, the game would be over. The achievement was completed prior to the application of the latest patch for the game which makes monsters easier to kill.