Pattinson’s career in jeopardy after both post-Twilight flicks flop


Robert Pattinson, who was looking to break away from the film franchise ‘Twilight’ and graduate from being a boy vampire to a leading man, is having trouble in his career as both his movies post-‘Twilight’ have flopped badly. The Beekman Theatre on Manhattan’s Upper East Side was completely empty for a screening of the film ‘Bel Ami’ in which the 26-year-old actor stars as a manipulative journalist who sleeps his way up the social ladder. Despite boasting a fine cast Pattinson romances Uma Thurman, Kristin Scott Thomas and Christina Ricci and literary pedigree, the movie has been an embarrassing flop in the US. “Yet it has made just over 72,000 dollars which is staggeringly low, little more than one screen’s average for the Twilight movies,” a source said. ‘Cosmopolis’, in which Pattinson starred as a billionaire who loses his wealth, also failed to make it to the Top 10, making just a measly 117,000 pounds. So far, the film-which had premiered at the Cannes Film Festival and has been directed by acclaimed filmmaker David Cronenberg – is proving to be another epic flop for Pattinson. ‘Breaking Dawn: Part 2’ will be huge when it is released in November but outside Twilight, it’s just not happening for Robert. The actor is apparently unfazed by the hiccup as he is currently soaking up the party lifestyle in LA with girlfriend Kristen Stewart, claiming that they were edgy films that were never going to attract large audiences.