Hujjaj assured all possible assistance


Federal Religious Affairs Secretary Chaudhry Mohammad Azam Samma said on Saturday that all arrangements regarding Hajj 2012 after careful scrutiny and in accordance with the latest hajj policy had been finalized. Talking to PTV, he said: “We have prepared hajj policy and related arrangements keeping in mind previous experiences as these are essential for performing hajj. We have held consultative meetings with all stakeholders in this regard.”
Religious Affairs Joint Secretary Shehzad Ahmed, while speaking on the occasion, said: “We have shifted hajj personnel to Makkah to observe hajj arrangements and problems. The hajj mission on coming back home will hold discussion with the staff and all stakeholders on the basis of their experience which are mostly related to unavailability of the welfare staff, lack of medical staff, shortage of paramedical staff, provision of transport facility to white category. We have decided to provide the facility to green category also. Training of group leader would co-actively meet the hujjaj and groups so that they do not need to come to hajji camps twice. Hujjaj will be sent earlier to the camps. They can go directly to Makkah and points of direct departure.”
Replying to a question, he said every hajji wants to stay near Haram, but due to extension of Haram and demolition of 18 nearby buildings, stay near it would be difficult and expensive this year. “Green category is 2 kilometers away and its fare is 5,000 riyals. I have recently visited Haram and obtained a residing place in green category while people staying at distance would be provided with other good facilities. We have held meetings with the Saudi Arabian Hajj and Umra ministers to allow hujjaj to visit old and new Mina places easily.”
Replying another question, the joint secretary said that hujjaj will have the facility of train service this year with charges of 100 riyals and the rest money would be paid by the government. About relecom facilities, he said the authorities did talk to the Saudi telecommunication companies about the issue and they had agreed to provide SIMs to hujjaj on their arrival at Jeddah airport with the balance of 5 riyals so that they could talk to their families during their stay at Makkah and Medina.
Police net nine lawbreakers: Police, under its ongoing drive against antisocial elements, on Saturday arrested nine lawbreakers, including two drunkards. The police recovered 110 grams of charas, 334 bottles of liquor and four 30-bore pistols with 17 rounds from the possession of the arrested persons. Banni police arrested Naveed and Amjad as they were allegedly under the influence of alcohol.
Civil Lines police held Rashid on recovery of one 30-bore pistol with four rounds. Taxila police also arrested two accused Ameer and Bilal with two 30-bore pistols and seven rounds. Mandra police apprehended Naveed on recovery of one-30 bore pistol with six rounds.