Young Doctors’ strike enters 6th day in Punjab


The outpatient departments (OPDs) of public hospitals of the provincial metropolis literally kept the patients out of the hospitals owing to young doctors strike which entered its sixth day on Saturday.
The blatant denial of health facilities to the masses in sizzling weather and worst-ever power crisis forced the people to visit private clinics and even quacks. The people, like in the past, cursed young doctors and criticized the Punjab government for its inability to bridle the ever rebellious youngsters of the medical fraternity.
The strike has been causing immense hardships for patients and their attendants who, in thousands, visit the public hospitals on a daily basis across the province.
The OPDs of Mayo Hospital, Ganga Ram Hospital, Services Hospital, Jinnah Hospital and at other public health facilities remained shut for patients in the wake of strike by young doctors.
The young doctors have been demanding service structure while their boycott of duties at outdoor wards is a part of their pressure tactics to force the government to accept their demands but so far, the Punjab government is unmoved.
A number of meetings were held recently which remained inconclusive hence the masses continue to suffer.
So far, the senior doctors have failed to persuade the protesting young doctors to resume duties at the OPDs. Ironically and unfortunately, most of the protesting young doctors, who are least bothered to the sufferings faced by the people, are giving proper time at private health facilities.
The stakeholders have demanded the Punjab government to take stern action against the protesting doctors if their (doctors) demand is not genuine and unacceptable. They demanded that the services of young doctors be terminated forthwith and in their place new appointments be made as thousands of unemployed doctors are available for the job.
Meanwhile, it is learnt that the general body meeting of the Young Doctors Association (YDA) Punjab would be called soon to decide the future course of action vis-à-vis the Punjab government’s indifferent attitude regarding the ongoing protest.


  1. Another example of good governence of Sharifs. But Iftikhar Chaudhry will not hear the case of MPA seat of Shahbaz Sharif. This is his example of dispensation of justice.

  2. please doctors! leave these small demands and pay your duty as supposing it a religious obligatory. Please don't take the poors lives as joke. Although many have been killed by dengue, by PIC scandal , by load shedding and now due to your strike. the govt. should take your demands serious but yo should remember that our crores are used on your studies. And you should also not forget that tit for tat. MUKAFAAT E AMAL always takes place in this world.

  3. No patients died due to the strike of OPDs…so sir please correct your facts…secondly there's a dire need to explain to the public what a strike in OPDs means…its just a nominal strike because majority of the patients are being served in emergencies and indoors..also no critical patients come to Out-patient-department so no question arises of ppl dying due to the strike…! i would request the media to please stop sensationalizing this issue and present the facts to the public…!!!

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