Please refrain from unnecessary strikes, Shahbaz tells doctors


Punjab Chief Minister Shahbaz Sharif has said doctors belong to a sacred profession, and they should serve the ailing humanity as messiahs. He was talking to a delegation of doctors at the Minar-e-Pakistan Camp Office on Friday. Special Assistant Salman Rafique, Provincial Assembly Members Dr Asad Ashraf and Health Secretary Capt (r) Arif Nadeem were also present on the occasion.
He said that doctors, nurses, and paramedical staff played a highly praiseworthy role last year in combating the dengue virus and that as a result of their indefatigable efforts, hundreds of precious lives were saved.
The chief minister said the provision of the best possible healthcare facilities is the top priority of the Punjab government and for this purpose emolument of personnel, belonging to health sectors, had been increased. However, the Chief Minister pointed out, there should be an equilibrium between rights and duties and, instead of going on strikes, the doctors’ community should serve the ailing humanity by providing them best medical care.
The Chief Minister said that uplift of the healthcare system and promotion of health sector are top priorities of Punjab government, and all available resources are being utilised for this purpose.
He said the Punjab government is spending billions of rupees on the provision of free medicines to the poor in government hospitals.
Sharif said the Healthcare Commission has been set up to streamline healthcare facilities.
The CM noted that as a result of the agonising load shedding, the whole nation is undergoing a painful experience. He said the energy crisis has severely affected all sectors of life, including health, education, agriculture and industry. He called upon the doctors to work for the ailing humanity instead of resorting to unnecessary strikes.
He said the improvement of the healthcare system is the joint responsibility of the government and the doctors, and that the proposals and suggestions submitted by those working in the health sector could further the cause.
Commenting upon the current energy crisis, Shahbaz Sharif noted that worst load shedding in the country’s history has brought the national economy to the verge of disaster.He added that as a result of the mismanagement of the federal government, billions of rupees have been bungled in the electricity and gas sectors.
He said the livelihood of the common man has been severely affected by the corruption and wrong policies of the rulers in Islamabad, due to which people are strongly protesting over the load shedding.
He said all the federating units have to share each others’ joys and sorrow; however an unjust attitude is being shown towards Punjab regarding the load shedding. “The people have given us opportunity to serve them; therefore, the protection of their rights is our sole responsibility,” he said.
The CM stated the true extent of the difficulties being faced by the common man cannot be gauged by staying in air-conditioned rooms, which is why he had established the camp office at Minar-e-Pakistan.
Chief Minister Sharif said if the federal rulers provided funds for the payment of the circular debt, the energy crisis could be resolved overnight.
Expressing their views on the occasion, the delegation of doctors said they had been encouraged after meeting the CM and that they were determined to combat the dengue virus.
The doctors also apprised the chief minister about the problems being faced by them.


  1. Had it executed by any other department such unwarranted act of protest where many lives are put it danger , the CM could have taken stern action against . But why not against Doctors who are still unleashing their unlawful act of demonstrating and staging protest.

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