Punjab Assembly passes budget amid walkouts and protests


The Punjab Assembly passed the budget as the House witnessed two walkouts on Wednesday over the burning of legislators’ homes in the province and the use of indecent language against female MPAs.
The meeting of the provincial assembly continued for two hours and 40 minutes, the sitting, which started an hour behind schedule, had only 70 legislators when it was adjourned. The Punjab Assembly is the largest legislature in Pakistan with a current strength of 369.
The Quorum, visibly lacking at various stages of the sitting, was pointed out by a female PML member. The chair ordered the ringing of the bells for five minutes and then suspended the proceedings for 15 minutes.
The session witnessed two walkouts by the PPP and PML legislators. In the first instance, they walked out in protest against the attacks on the houses of PPP and PML parliamentarians.
On the other occasion they walked out against the use of non-parliamentary language for female legislators from the opposition benches.