Adele opens up about drinking problem in new biography


Adele said she struggled with alcohol abuse as she grappled with her early success, according to a new biography. The Grammy-winner recounts one incident where she got into such a state on her first tour that she fell off a stool mid-concert and forgetting the words to her own songs. Biographer Marc Shapiro penned the unofficial tome ‘Adele: The Biography’, which chronicles the singer-songwriter’s childhood in North London as the daughter of a single mother. In the book, Shapiro tells of the ups and downs of the singer’s love life, her haunting past, and the vocal-cord haemorrhage which led to her needing surgery and cancelling her US tour last year. Speaking to In Touch Weekly, Shapiro tells of how the singer was raised by her single mother, after her parents split up when she was just three years old. “It’s a classic rags to riches,” he said. The writer is said to have revealed Adele’s father was as an alcoholic, describing their relationship as “dead and gone.” Although her mother has remained a loving figure in her life, Adele found herself searching for the affection she never got from her father. He writes that the singer suffered her first major heartache after she fell in love with a bisexual boy who eventually cheated. But that wasn’t her only bad romance. In the book, the author reveals the relationship was so volatile that “Adele would drink more than normal to salve the heartbreak.” The book contains parts of an interview with Adele talking about a particular concert where she had fallen off a stool in a drunken stupor. According to Shapiro, she remembers: “It was the worst thing ever.”


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