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Blue Whale attracts people

Huge size skeleton of Blue whale installed at Pakistan Museum of Natural History (PMNH) is attracting a large number of visitors and is real source of enjoyment for the kids especially.
The whale, almost 100ft in length, was recently taken to the capital from Natural History Museum (NHM) Karachi. Director Zoological Sciences Division, PMNH, Dr Muhammad Rafique said many precious specimen were taken to the capital under Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) between NHM and PMNH.
He further said that a whale appeared at the Karachi port in 1970 and could not be returned to the sea due to its weight. It was buried near the port so that its flesh could be decomposed in a better way.
Now its entity of PMNH, he said, adding it will further take a month to complete the project as canopy will be installed to protect the whale from harsh weather.
Rafiq said, “We will polish the whale, paint it colourless and also fix lights inside it, so that it remains a source of attraction not only in day but also at night.” He said landscaping will also be done and the environment will be made as whale is inside the sea.
PMNH was established in 1976 under the patronage of Pakistan Science Foundation, Ministry of Science & Technology.
It has four principal divisions namely Botanical Sciences Division, Zoological Sciences Division, Earth Sciences Division and Public Services Division.
The first three divisions are engaged in the collection, identification and research activities pertaining to plants, animals and mineral resources of Pakistan respectively, while the latter is responsible for mass education and popularization of natural history various displays, exhibits and dioramas.
In addition, various projects such as Virtual Orientation Gallery (VOG), Biodiversity Database and Global Networking (BGN) and Focus Balochistan have also been initiated.

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