Protect eyes in summer with quality sunglasses


Sunglasses are an important part in summer for both the comfort and health of the eyes as it blocks 100 per cent of UV rays and also absorb most HEV rays.
To protect eyes from harmful solar radiation especially during the summer time there are some reasons that one should make the extra effort to wear quality sunglasses when outdoors. Scientific research has shown that exposure to even small amounts of UV radiation over a period of many years may increase the chance of developing a clouding of the lens of the eye called a cataract and can cause damage to the retina, the nerve-rich lining of the eye that is used for seeing. Damage to the lens or the retina is usually not reversible.
The effects of UV radiation are cumulative. The longer the eyes are exposed to UV radiation, the greater the risk of developing conditions such as cataracts in later life.
Therefore, one should wear quality sunglasses that offer good protection and a hat or cap with a wide brim whenever working outdoors, participating in outdoor sports, taking a walk, running errands or doing anything in the sun. To provide protection for eyes, sunglasses should block out 99 to 100 per cent of both UV-A and UV-B radiation; screen out 75 to 90 percent of visible light be perfectly matched in color and free of distortion and imperfection and have lenses that are gray, green or brown. If you spend a lot of time outdoors in bright sunlight, wrap around frames provide additional protection from the harmful UV radiation. The skin around eyes is delicate and if exposed to excessive amounts of sun, it will wrinkle especially in summer. Take the time to look for Good quality sunglasses to protect eyes from 100 per cent of sun’s harmful UV rays. Sunglasses are very effective to reduce glare and it can prevent bright reflections from distracting and interfering.
Sunglasses also protect our eyes from wind, dust and debris specially when we are outside participating in activities such as biking, skiing or even just relaxing outside. Sunglasses are a very effective wind barrier and can reduce the rate of evaporation of tears. Sunglasses reduce headaches and eyestrain. Sunglasses are effective enough for reducing the amount of light that reaches your eye and eliminates the need for squinting and severe pupil constriction. It is generally a good idea to wear sunglasses anytime outdoors but especially in summer when UV radiation is at least 3 times higher than it is during winter near the water or at the beach in the mountains or outside at any high elevations.