Conspiracies against judiciary will come to light soon: Sherpao | Pakistan Today

Conspiracies against judiciary will come to light soon: Sherpao

Pakistan People’s Party-Sherpao (PPP-S) Chairman Aftab Ahman Khan Sherpao on Sunday said elements conspiring against the judiciary would be exposed soon.
Addressing a public gathering in Buner, he said the recent crisis involving the judiciary was a national drama staged by elements with vested interests. He said an independent judicial system alone could guarantee a strong democracy which in turn could strengthen the fledgling institutions in the country. “Corrupt elements want to deprive the judiciary of its independence but we’ll not let anyone achieve his vicious goals,” he said, adding that the PPP-S always stood by a free and independent judiciary. About Afghanistan, Sherpao said Pakistan’s interest must be taken into account by the international community as it had been rendering sacrifices since the past 33 years. “The government must leave no stone unturned in protecting Pakistan’s interests in the region,” he demanded. He said Pakistan must evolve a comprehensive strategy in view of the International Security Assistance Forces’ pullout in 2014 to protect its national interest. Referring to development activities in Malakand, he said so-called protectors of Pakhtuns’ rights received funds worth billions but spent nothing to compensate the militancy- and flood-affected people of the area. Referring to the ANP government’s performance, Sherpao said, “Even they failed to force the federal government to pay its shares under the net hydel profit.”

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