Acting Additional IG issues shoot on sight orders against criminals


Acting Additional IG Ghullam Bashir Sheikh said Sunday that criminals who take part in extortion, kidnapping for ransom, rioting or damage property will be shot on the spot.
Speaking to the media during a news conference, the acting Additional IG told reporters that thirteen people were killed during the last 24 hours in Karachi. He added that five of those killed were victims of targeted attacks while the rest were due to some personal rivalry or unknown reasons.
According to the acting Additional IG, the shoot on sight order had been issued to curtail violence in the city. Bashir further said that traders could also shoot extortionists and other criminals in self defence.
The situation in Karachi deteriorated after a political worker, Liaquat Bangash was found dead under mysterious circumstances on the stairs of his flat in Gulistan-e-Jauhar’s Rabia City project. Bangash was wanted by the police in several cases.
Following the discovery of Bangash’s body, unknown men opened fire in several areas of the city including Gulistan-e-Jauhar and Patel Para.
Three men were also gunned down on Super Highway and were identified as Rashid, Iqbal, and Mehmood. Gunmen also shot and killed a man in the Baldia Town area of the metropolis.
Five people including two policemen were injured in various firing incidents in Gulaistan-e-Jauhar.
Malik, Qaim discuss law and order: Adviser to the Prime Minister on Interior‚ Rehman Malik and Sindh Chief Minister Syed Qaim Ali Shah discussed the overall law and order situation in the province.
At a meeting in Karachi‚ they also considered various suggestions to curb the activities of criminals and extortionists in the city.
Over 5,000 criminals nabbed from city in 5 months : The police during its snap checking, patrolling, raids and encounters in different areas of the city in last five months arrested 5,111 accused; including absconders and proclaimed offenders.
Over this period — from 1st Jan. 2012 to 31st May 2012-during raids the police had met with 482 encounters.
This was informed to Sindh Inspector General of Police, Syed Mushtaq Ahmed Shah in a report showing performance of the city police, said a release here on Sunday.
As the result of these police operations, 335 dacoit gangs were eliminated and 46 dacoits were killed. In exchange of firing with criminals in five districts of the city, forty one police men were martyred and 63 were injured over this period.
The arms and ammunition recovered during these police operations included 2570 pistols, 73 revolvers, 55 repeaters, 38 rifles, 5 shot guns, 34 SMG guns, seven carbine, 12 mousers, two RPG guns, 151 hand grenades, 61 mortars, 106 knives, 725 cell phones.


  1. We all know about our police. But before we blame them yet again for the violence and crime in the city, remember that they have been blind-folded and handcuffed by politicians for the past 5 years and then told to catch the criminals. How can they do that when they know a phone call from XYZ can have them posted to the Thar desert.

  2. unfortunately, crime ratio and specially target killing has made a mess, if having the authority "Powers" still Police & Rangers fails, than Additional IG should have added that I'll resign from this post if I fail to control situation but there's no such thing which shows the honesty sincerely. Nevertheless figures are only those which are officially reported 50% percent are not even reported in which many "Black Warrants" included as well as sparing reputation ignored. Indeed Karachi needs better monitoring system, when citizens and Police fight against crime else Karachi represent " The photocopy image of Hell "

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