Row over illegal allotment of F-11 plots intensifies


The dispute between Capital Development Authority (CDA) Chairman Farkhand Iqbal and Director land Fariduddin Mustafa has intensified over the allotment of 40 plots worth Rs 400 million in F-11 Sector.
Both of them traded harsh words and the director land was posted to some other department, but he did not take the charge of his new office, sources said.
According to the sources, 12 years ago, a case was registered against the fake allotments of 40 plots in F-11 Sector, but the case was disposed of by the relevant court due to non-prosecution. The CDA and the FIA had devised a plan to sell these plots.
Director Land Fariduddin Mustafa had cancelled all fake allotments of plots and informed the management about it, urging the management to announce them fake.
Meanwhile, the CDA chairman directed Fariduddin Mustafa to issue allotment letters of 40 plots to a person named, Waziaf Shah, but he refused to do so, which triggered exchange of harsh words, the sources said.
WASA recovers Rs 175m from defaulters: Under the directions of the Punjab government, the Water and Sanitation Agency (WASA) has recovered Rs 175 million from consumers in terms of water dues.
According to sources, the WASA has issued notices to several defaulters, including TMA, government and non-government departments in this regard while the authority would achieve its annual target by recovering Rs 10 million more from defaulters in the coming weeks.
WASA Managing Director Raja Shaukat Mehmood said that the WASA is facing shortfall of one million gallons per day while clean drinking water is supplied to citizens from Rawal Dam, Khanpur Dam and tube-wells.
Trader commits suicide: A cloth merchant committed suicide over financial crisis in the area of Naseerabad here the other day. Tariq Mehmood, 52, who was living in the jurisdiction of Westridge police station at Naseerabad was earning his livelihood by cloth business.
Nowadays he was facing losses in business. Disheartened by his financial crisis, he shot himself in his home, according to the deceased’s brother Naeem.
On getting information, police reached the scene and removed the dead body to hospital for autopsy. Later, they registered the suicide case.