Petrol becomes scarce commodity after new tariff


Petrol has vanished across the Punjab following the government’s announcement to cut the prices of petroleum products. On Friday, the government reduced the prices of petrol by Rs10 per litre.
Although a large number of people were seen at most of Lahore’s pumps, there was no petrol available at a majority of these filling stations. Some pump owners blamed the electricity load shedding while others put the blame on oil tankers.
Ironically, some petrol pumps did not even try to change the rate list.
According to reports, the petrol pump owners have created an artificial shortage by suspending supply.
Urging the government to take notice, the people have questioned the occurrence of a shortage only when prices go down.
Govt lauded for reducing petroleum prices
The general public appreciated the government’s decision to reduce the prices of petroleum products and said it will provide relief to them.
Zaheer Ahmad Butt, Basit Ali and Sharooz Munir, motorcyclists at different petrol pumps of the city, said the reduction of Rs 10 in petrol prices was a relief for the public and will help control price hikes and transport fares. The prices of commodities will also decrease after the reduction of petrol prices, they added. Asif Sultan, a citizen, said the decrease in CNG prices will help commuters as the transporters will have to reduce the fares.