Difa-e-Pakistan convention today


Difa-e-Pakistan Convention would be held in Lal Masjid today (Sunday) under the aegis of Difa-e-Pakistan Council to announce new strategy against drone attacks in the country.
This was stated by chairman Ahl-e- Sunnat wal Jamat Muhammad Ahmed Ludhyanvi after reviewing the preparation measures for Difa-e-Pakistan gathering.
Talking to journalists Ahmed Ludhyanvi said that country is facing different kinds of challenges and conspiracies are being hatched against the country. He said that all this is being done to weaken our beloved land and US and western power wants to divide us.
He said the council is playing its role to awake the people of the country and its results of our work are also visible. He said that it is due to the efforts of Difa-e-council that the US and Western countries have not been able to divide the nation to get any major benefit from Pakistan. Muhammad Ahmed Ludhyanvi said the US is annoyed over all this situation and doing drone attacks over our borders. Silence over drone attacks from out government is unfortunate, Ludhyanvi added.
He said that criminal silence over drone attacks by the government is unacceptable and in future government should bow to the demands of the people of the country. He said that today political as well as religious parties would express solidarity on one platform and announce new policy against drone attacks. This convention would start from 11am and concluded at 5pm evening.