Women important for PTI’s success: Aleem Khan


Pakistan Tehrik-e-Insaaf leader Abdul Aleem Khan has lauded the role the women have played in the success of PTI and said the countrywide political change has started from the homes and the ladies were participating in all political activities.
He was addressing a meeting of the PTI Women Wing where former female counselors announced their decision to join the Tehrik-e-Insaaf. Abdul Aleem Khan stated that being a major part of the society, the women cannot be ignored.
He added that Pakistani women were aware of the political situation and especially respected Imran Khan. He assured that the PTI will provide equal opportunities to the women and special efforts will be made for the uplift of those living in the far flung areas.
The new PTI members expressed their confidence in Abdul Aleem Khan and the leadership of Imran Khan.


  1. Abdul Aleem Khan is a swindler who committed major irregularities and made millions out of Parkview housing scheme. Shows what rubbish Imran Khan is picking up!

    • just hold your horses before passing out comments like "Shows what rubbish Imran Khan is picking up!".. IK has also picked up the likes of Asad Umar and Jehangir Tareen and they are the ones who will be making policies, not aleem khan.

    • Nevertheless, Aleem Khan is a controversial character and PTI will suffer if it gives tickets to the likes of Aleem khan for sure. I have engaged with the couple of PTI People from Aleem's constituency and they have made their decision that they are not gonna vote for Aleem khan if in case he is given a ticket by the PTI to contest elections…..

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