Salaries not paid to sanitation workers for five months


Sanitary workers of the Capital Development Authority (CDA) have not been paid their salaries for the last 5 months.
The affected sanitary workers have decided to go on strike as a protest and have warned they would stop working, which would adversely affect Islamabad, famous for its cleanliness and natural beauty.
Sources said contractors had confirmed that if the problem was not sorted out, they would join the striking sanitary workers. The workers had the stance they had been deprived of their income in this age of price-hike and such a treatment meted out to them was synonymous to injustice. This has caused anxiety among the sanitary workers who have to face serious problems due to nonpayment of income.
The CDA has to pay around Rs 50 million to the sanitary contractors, but due to financial-crisis, the prevailing dispute has not been resolved. The sanitary workers and contractors have urged CDA Chairman Farkhand Iqbal to order immediate issuance of grant for the payment of salaries.