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‘Pakistani students have what it takes’

Pakistani Students are very talented and their artistic work can be compared with any developed society. This was stated by US Consulate General Public Affairs Officer Brinille Eliane Ellis on Friday as she inaugurated a group painting show at the Lahore College for Women University (LCWU) Institute of Design and Visual Arts NHQ Gallery.
Ellis said the LCWU has state-of-the-art infrastructure.
She stated that contemporary art has always reflected the development and exploration of new technologies and that the current postmodern era is no different. However, despite people’s obsession with, and increasing reliance on, computer and film-based technologies, it is interesting that traditional methods of making art remain a valid means of expression, she added.
The show titled ‘Diminish Limits’ was presented by contemporary artists Shiblee Muneer, Noureen Rasheed, Fahad Hameed and Akbar Ali and curated by Shiblee Muneer from the National College of Arts and the Beacon House National University.
LCWU Institute of Design and Visual Arts Director Zamurd Safdar said the NHQ Gallery was designed on international standards to promote the artistic and creative work of students from LCWU and other higher education institutions in the city. Senior artist, art gallery owners, art critics and contemporary studio practitioners relished the experimental execution on display at the exhibition.
Visitors from LCWU and other universities also appreciated the students’ take on contemporary art.

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