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Women on billboards

Exploitation of women projected through billboards is increasing at an alarming rate. One cannot find any billboards that are barred of women flaunting their slim bodies and beautifully caricatured faces, representing the epitome of fair maidenhood. These billboards tend to serve two major purposes. On the on hand capitalist’s agenda is propagated when these advertised products are used to build up aspirations and exacerbate the need to the people of acquire them. On the other hand, women are objectified. The sole reason for endorsing women models and actors are to both improve the ratings and make the advertisements more watchable as they are the source of attraction.
Moreover, these billboards also create a conception of what a perfect, slim and fair girl should be, and with the frivolous delicacies and mannerisms, she can conquer all odds. Anything that is against this accepted decorum is vile, including even, the colour of the skin. Thus, these billboards not only use women to sell these products but also through concealed manner discern that a Barbie doll appearance can win all hearts. The irony of the situation is that the models depicted on the billboards along with the girls who try to live with this conception of beauty fail to recognise their exploitation and in turn view this as their liberty.

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