Haqqani’s fate sealed


Memogate commission’s report is out and understandably made public the same day it was presented to the Supreme Court. Apparently time-wise that was an answer to Malik Riaz’s allegations of blackmailing against Chief Justice’s son. Malik Riaz attended the Supreme Court proceedings the same day and held a press conference afterwards.
It’s obvious when judiciary will work and behave as a trade union, not a neutral body to listen to two sides and decide on merit of arguments and evidence, Haqqani was going to be declared the author of the memo, an American buddy and a traitor. This report may make some people in establishment and their cronies in political-religious parties happy but it’s a slap on the face of justice who claims to be independent of bias. Memo commission was marred with controversies from the very beginning when it bestowed preferential treatment to Mansoor Ijaz, an American citizen (now who is America’s buddy?). Honourable judges’ remarks during the hearings and sponsored media trial were enough to judge the commission’s outcome. Report says that Haqqani is the originator and author of the memo; however, Mansoor Ijaz didn’t table any evidence that can prove the same, other than record of few calls but not the contents (or recording) of discussions during these calls, neither any written evidential exchange was presented. Obviously, Haqqqani can’t stop someone to imagine the whole story; that’ what the commission has done.
Haqqani can’t be ever forgiven for writing a true analogy of Pakistan, his book “Pakistan: Between Mosque and Military” analyses the origins of the relationship between jihadist groups and military establishment. It sheds light on ways how a common man was used some times against Soviets, Indians and Americans, and sometimes against its own people. Judiciary has been an active partner in this game; memo commission’s report testifies this fact.
It’s obvious that even wishing to bring military establishment under civilian control is a sin, and sinners shall be given exemplary punishment. Why doesn’t our judiciary recommend the parliament to tear off the page from the constitution wherein civilian supremacy over military has been made a basic pillar of a democratic Pakistan? Yes, for a democratic Pakistan, not for MMP — Mullah-Military Pakistan!
Jubail, Saudi Arabia


  1. your report looks totally biased with mass of flaws donot if u are speechwriter of that looter zardari&co

  2. our honoured supreme court has given the right verdict why Haqqani took refuge in the prime minister house and why the present govt try to harass Mansoor Ijaz while he was going to consult the court. these points raises the credibility of Haqqani's stance
    well done Cheif Justice and Judiciary and now is the turn of Prime Minister Gilani and the contractor Riaz malik along with black sheeps of pakistani media.

  3. My question to you is that do you recommed Haqqan's action of requesting a foreign country this is now becoming the best friend of our greatest enemy India: USA to influence that we should work as per our constitution?

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